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Dress your winter home

Who doesn't like the sofa plan, Mantita and Peli?

With the drop in temperatures and the entrance of autumn, in addition to taking out all the most warm clothes, we also have to put our home. It is time to bet on decorative elements that give warmth to the house, take out the Nordics and the most warm bedrooms and tune your sofa with the best blankets to curl us at the end of the day. Either watching a movie, a series, reading a book or talking to the family, Manta's moment is one of the favorites around the world.

Blankets and plaids for the couch

If you are an addict to the couch, you are most likely looking for your perfect complement, such as Manta Iris Avellana. We are sure that it will be the fight continues to keep the biggest piece. She is so soft and cozy that you will not want to get out of it or a second. It has a relief display, this being very soft and pleasant. The reverse of this blanket is from Sherpa (Borreguito) of the same color as the upper part. Ideal for bed or for sofa.

For lovers of smooth style and at an incredible price, we present the Plaid Vigo Garnet, available in 3 measures (130x160cm, 160x240cm and 220x240cm).

If you usually make sofa plans and blanket individually or surrounding in a couple, this plaid will be ideal for this cold season that already, little by little, arrives.

If you are a velvet lover, our cushion section will not leave you indifferent.

What dou you think about him Beige velvet cushion of Don Cotton?

It is available in several measures and colors. The filling is included.

Bet on blinds

A complement that will make your home more warm, are the famous blinds. Say goodbye to the traditional curtains and give the blinds a chance. If you have windows, unify and win. Betting on a single bar, will be the most comfortable and decorative option. In addition, they are the best option to regulate light entry and the degree of intimacy, because you can upload them more or less according to your needs.

From LLARTEXTIL, we leave you this proposal: Estor Noche and Day Beig color. It is available in several measures and colors. The night and day fabric alternates strips of chosen color fabric with translucent strips allowing to regulate the light that enters. In addition, it is easy to maintain since it is cleaned with a damp cloth.

Enjoy the best accessories for your home by Llartextile.

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