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Frequent questions

Are your countertop sheets certified with Oeko-Tex?

All our sheets are certified with the Oeko-Tex label, guaranteeing the absence of harmful substances prohibited by law. The dye is also checked as a precautionary measure.

How should I place an countertop sheet?

Placing an countertop on the bed is quite simple. The important is
Make sure that it is well held and tight, so that it does not rise during the night, regardless of whether we use it as a superior sheet alone, with a quilt, blanket or comforter.

In many hotels they usually use two countertops instead of one, looking for an even more comfortable experience.

What is an countertop sheet?

An countertop is still a sheet conceived to be located between our body and the blanket/comfort. It is also possible to give other uses, such as combining them with another sheet for greater warmth or for decorative purposes.

How should I wash my countertop sheet?

We recommend machine washing our countertops, cold and with a soft detergent. To avoid wrinkles (especially in bedding), try to remove them when they are still wet, tending them to dry.

How often should I wash my countertop sheet?

A flat sheet, also commonly known as a countertop, was designed
originally to be placed between you and the blankets and beds in the part
superior of his bed. But there are also a variety of other uses for luxurious
Flat sheets in your bedroom, such as adding warmth and decorative purposes.

Next, we show you other ways to use flat sheets in your bedroom
To get maximum comfort and design style.


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