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Frequent questions

Llartextil ® has sales promotions?

Every year we have different recurring promotions, such as the "sales", the "second sales", the "final auction", the "Black Friday" or the "days without VAT", as well as other specials.

Llartextil ® offers coupons, promotions or discounts?

Punctually there are discount codes that we usually offer and announce through our social networks and newsletter. Don't forget to subscribe and follow us to meet them!

What products are excluded in these discount codes?

Any product that has applied a discount of another promotion.


What happens if I want an item but is exhausted at the time of making the purchase?

Articles for sale are available until stocks are exhausted. Subscribe to the Newsletter to find out if they are available again, or see us directly.

What forms of payment do you accept?

We accept all the main credit cards, as well as PayPal or Bizum. Also express payment methods such as Apple Pay or Amazon Pay.

We can only accept a form of payment per order, with the exception of gift cards.

¿Qué es SeQura?

El pago a tu medida con SeQura

Tenemos nuevas formas de pago para que puedas comprarte lo que quieras como quieras. Paga tus compras después de recibirlas o si lo prefieres poco a poco. Disfruta de tu compra haciendo tu pago con SeQura.

Así de fácil, rápido y seguro es comprar con SeQura:

- Selecciona SeQura como método de pago al finalizar tu pedido.
- Completa tus datos y al instante confirmaremos tu compra.
- ¡A disfrutar de tu compra sin preocuparte por el pago!

Si tienes dudas, resuélvelas aquí.

Do you charge imposed on your orders?

Yes, taxes are already included in the price shown in each product.

How can I know the status of my order?

You can track your order by clicking on this link.

Who will give me the order?

Home orders are distributed by Express Correos. Its cast schedule is from Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8:30 p.m.

Can I add items to my order once made?

If you want to add additional products to an order already made, you must make another additional order. When not storing the payment method, it is not possible to process changes made after making an order.

Similarly, we cannot delete items from an already processed order. In any case, if little time has elapsed, contact us and we will do everything possible to make the changes if your order has not yet been processed.

Can I cancel my order?

As in the previous case, once processed, the order will be managed by the transport company. If the order has not been sent you can let us know and we will try to cancel it.

Picked up at the store

Can all products be collected in store?

Yes, simply mark the store collection option and select your nearest store. In this way, we will send all the items so you can pick them up, notifying yourself as soon as they are available.

Can you retain or combine orders?

We cannot, since orders are processed and sent once they are made. Therefore it is not possible to make changes or delay them. If you just placed an order and need to make a change, let us immediately and do everything possible to manage it before being processed.

Is there any extra expense for collecting my order in a store?

No. There is no additional charge. On the other hand, if there are shipping costs, they will be automatically discounted from your order if you choose the store collection option.

What do I have to do when my order comes to the store?

When the order arrives at the store, the store itself will contact you to let you know that you can collect your order. It will be enough to show the purchase email (you can do it with your own phone) to collect your order ..

What is the store collection time?

You can check the schedules of each of the stores from the store section.


As the shipping cost?

Shipping costs are fixed, regardless of volume, and are € 4.99. However, there are no shipping costs for orders equal to or greater than € 39 or for store collections.

Where does Llartextil ® send?

We ship within the Spanish Peninsula and Portugal.

When will I recive my order?

We process the order as soon as possible, trying to be available at 24-48 hours. In any case, you will receive details by email and you can always check your status through this link.

What happens if I need to change my shipping address?

If the case is given, get in touch with customer service as soon as possible, either through e-mail ( or by phone.

Returns + Changes

What is your return policy?

Each buyer has the right to withdrawal, being able to return for any circumstance the acquired merchandise, always without using. In the event that the product is not returned with its original wraps, it could suffer depreciation in the amount of the return.

If it is a product with any type of defect, we will proceed, as appropriate, to repair, to the substitution, to the reduction on the price or to the resolution of the contract, efforts that will be completely free.


What payment methods are accepted in stores?

It is possible to pay your purchases in cash stores, with credit card, debit card, LLAR textile®, Bizum and Sequra gift card.

Do you accept payment of the counter -tube?

We are currently valuing to offer this payment option.

Do stores have discounts or sales?

As on our website, there are recurring offers in stores throughout the year, as well as other specials.

Is the entire web stock available in stores?

Our stores have a wide assortment, so by normal general, they have stock of almost all products. You can ensure the availability of any product contacting the store directly. The most comfortable thing is to call by phone. And remember that you can always buy it online and pick it up for free.

Can I return something I bought online in a store?

You can do it. Please contact us first via email or phone to make the efforts.

What is the policy of return of stores?

As on our website, you will have 30 days to make your return, always presenting the corresponding purchase ticket and returning the article in perfect condition.

Can I take my dog ​​to the store?

Of course! We love dogs!


What certifications do your bedding products have?

All our bedding is certified by Oeko-Tex. In addition we also have responsible manufacturing certificates such as BCI and BCSI. You can get more information through this article in our blog.

Do threads really matter?

The truth is that threads are not the best way to measure the quality of bedding. For more information about the myth of the thread count and the best way to determine the quality of the bedding, we recommend visiting this post of our blog.

Where can I find guidelines and tips to take care of my bedding?

Visit our care page to obtain simple information about how to take care of bedding items.

What depth have tight sheets?

Those of Vip Cotton and Bella Donna have a depth of 28 cm., While those of Don Cotton have a depth of 32 cm.

Do you offer bedding for humanitarian aid NGOs?

Yes, we promptly deliver bedding to humanitarian aid organizations. Recently we have given those affected by the Volcano of La Palma and the refugees of Ukraine.


What certifications do your bath products have?

All our bedding is certified by Oeko-Tex. In addition we also have responsible manufacturing certificates such as BCI and BCSI. You can get more information through this article in our blog.

How should I take care of my towels?

Take a look at our care page to get more information about the care of our bathing products.

Gift cards

How are Llartextil ® gift cards sent?

Digital gift cards are delivered through the buyer's email, immediately after purchase, receiving instructions on how to redeem it, as well as its amount.

If you want to give yourself to a third person, it will be enough to forward the email or facilitate the code.

How does my gift card exchange?

At the time of finishing the purchase, you can enter the gift card code to automatically apply the corresponding discount.


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