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Frequent questions

What certificates do your comforters have?

Our comforters have the OEKO-TEX® certification to avoid toxic and tissue pesticides. Those of Cotton also have the BCI label, for a better cotton treaty, and with the BSCI label, to ensure better treatment of all workers involved in their manufacture.

How to choose a picture?

When choosing a comforter, you must take into account the temperature at which you want
Sleep and the fabric that will accompany you during your nights. We always recommend choosing your comforter based on the coldest nights.

What is cotton?

It is a white and soft fibrous substance that surrounds the seeds of the cotton floor and that becomes textile fiber and thread to sew.

Keep your bed with a neat appearance of cotton.

Lightness, breathability and freshness: a perfect solution.

How should I wash the comforters?

Place your comforter in the washing machine with a cold cycle. If your washing machine has the option for delicate washing, use the most sensitive centrifuged option. Avoid bleach and do not use softener.

What is Sherpa?

The sherpa is a curly tissue structure made with polyester. Its texture is soft and very spongy.


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