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Frequent questions

How to choose a Nordic case?

When designing your most comfortable bed, finding the ideal Nordic case is so
important how to choose the sheets. Do not hesitate to combine based on your habits of
rest and your tastes. You can choose between different designs: smooth, print,
Mixed, reversible ...

Choosing Nordic covers is the best way to give life to your room.

What is the scoring?

The scoring is a tissue composed of selected cotton.

Keep your bed with a neat appearance with a Nordic perhaps. The scoring compares
Often with the touch of a button shirt.

Lightness, breathability and freshness: your perfect solution.

What certificates do Nordic covers have?

Made in 100% cotton, our Nordic covers have the OEKO-TEX® certification for toxic or pesticide tissues. They also have the BCI label, for a better cotton treaty and the BSCI label, which ensures better treatment of workers involved in manufacturing.

What are Nordic duos?

Nordic duos are made up of a Nordic case, and depending on the measure, with several pillow covers included in the same pack.

Are you one of the people who want to have the bed quickly?

So, yours is theite, since it is designed to be used without other garments (even if you wish, without a countertop). Depending on the time of the year, you can add a blanket.

Do you like to change the appearance of your bedroom frequently?

With a Nordic case, it is easy to change bedding without having to invest in several
Ederedons. Instead, you can change the Nordic case for seasons or whenever you want
refresh the appearance of your bedroom. Learn to use a Nordic case does not have much
time and gives you many options. When you buy a Nordic case, you commit yourself to
Its specific design and its long -term color palette.

How important is the fluffy factor for you?

If you like the maximum level of decline, the level of stacking in bed, our soft -edges are the way to follow. They are specially designed to be ultra-fluid. A comforter is a less fluffy option, although it can also be very soft and cozy.

Do the layers make you feel comfortable or claustrophobic?

The comfort is designed to be used alone, which is good news for people to
Those who like to be hot without feeling locked. A comfort is usually put in
Layers with a upper sheet and a blanket, especially in the coldest months. This
It can be a bit heavy once you are in bed, although for some of
We translate into a welcome comfort of comfort.

How important is the ease of washing for you?

If you have a comforter, you will only have to wash the case approximately once a month. A Nordic fact is like a large sheet, so it is much less bulky and easier to wash than a comforter. (The comforters themselves usually cleaned, but you can spend several years without cleaning a comforter, since it never touches nothing more than the interior of their cover). A comforter, on the contrary, does not have the exterior layer of the comforter, so it must wash it for seasons or monthly, cleaning the spots when necessary.

What space do you have to store bedding?

If you have a broad closet for bedding, you can afford to knead a collection
of beautiful comforters, blankets and blankets of different designs and colors that you can mix and combine according to the season. But if the space is scarce, a comforter may make more sense. You will only have to buy a picture, which will remain in your bed all year. In turn, its storage space can be used to store a rotation of Nordic covers, each of which occupies little more space than a
bed sheet.

Do you prefer natural fibers or synthetic?

In any case, it is in luck: both the comforters and the Nordic covers are available in natural and synthetic fibers. We hope this information has been useful. Now, the last question:

Should you use a comforter or a quilt?

Surely you will have imagined it, but there is no correct answer. The comforters are more fluffy, facilitate the change of bedding and are easier to
clean. That said, many people love the comforters for their simplicity and their wide range of colors and designs. In addition, they are very warm and you can combine them with a blanket or a comforter to give them a more traditional appearance.

In any case, now you know everything you need to find the option that you most
It suits and end something you really like.


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