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4 details to see movies at home with maximum comfort

What would be our life without those moments of maximum relaxation at home? Those moments in which we disconnect from day to day and concerns. And it is that with this time you already want to take advantage of those moments of calm to watch television at home at home. It doesn't matter if we get to see movies at horror house, romantic movies with which we end up crying or if we take the opportunity to hit a marathon with the last season of our favorite series. The important thing is to enjoy that moment to the fullest.

Set on your favorite armchair or sofa and prepare Netflix And the popcorn, because from Llar we are going to take care of the rest.

1. The ideal blanket

Yes, there may not be the ideal blanket not even Perfect blanket. But do not hesitate to find the blanket or the Ideal Plaid for you. A soft, pleasant touch, to be a warm blanket and according to our tastes. This part cannot be missing, it is absolutely essential. It is also important to choose the ideal size of our mantita or our multipurpose plaid. Because it is not the same if we are going to enjoy those moments in solitude or in the company of our partner. If we are in the second case and we do not achieve consensus, no problem: two blankets instead of one! We emphasize again the importance of choosing the right size, and there is nothing more uncomfortable than having a blanket too small, that our legs do not cover our legs, or that we over everywhere.

See movies at home

2. A multi -cale cushion

If the blanket goes on the list of essentials, it is indisputable that the cushion has to be immediately in second place. And it matters little if we are going to place it in our lumbar to be more at ease or if we finally end up hugging ourselves, because we are going to use yes or yes. And while it is true that for tastes are the colors, we can recommend our Smooth cushion with don cotton piping. And once again, if we are going to be as a couple, you better have two instead of one.

3. Homewear clothes

Ideally, enjoying these relax moments late in the afternoon or directly at night, but each one does what it can. You may have the feeling that it is too soon to put on the pajamas, or we do not know if we will finally end up receiving visits at home. But the fact is that you feel like being real. The solution? Look at our New Homewear Clothing Collection, with which we assure you that you will take comfort to another level.

See movies at home

4. The final detail: a candle

Many people do not really take into account this small final detail, or maybe they don't just give enough importance. Surely you agree with us that this moment of peace and mental disconnection improves significantly if we turn off the lights. Well, it is precisely at that time that we can create a totally different and almost dreamlike environment, simply with a candle. But be careful, don't wear any candle. We recommend you take a look at our candle collection. And because of its duration, because of its pleasant fragrance and for its format, you can have it close and give that special touch without having to be worried about it. When the movie ends, it is enough to place its cap so that its flame is extinguished, still remaining its aroma.

And you, what do you give more importance for those moments of relaxation and watch movies at home?

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