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Advantages of wearing cotton bedding

Sometimes we do not pay much attention to the material of which our linens. And today there are practically more types of fabrics than we can imagine. That is precisely why we want to tell you about the advantages of garments specifically cotton.

Advantages of cotton bedding

Cotton is very popular and appreciated, largely thanks to its resistance. And on the one hand it is difficult for him to end up breaking or that he dismisses, while on the other hand, if stained, the fabric is easier to clean.

One of its main characteristics is its breathability. Cotton allows our skin to breathe more freely and that the sweat that can occur during the break will dry easily. That is why it retains fewer odors while allowing them to disperse very fast.

In addition, unlike other synthetic materials, cotton is a natural tissue that prevents the accumulation of static electricity.

Sheets: Differences between coral and flannel

Where we can perceive all these characteristics at first is in the sheets. For example, at this time it is already common to start using Thermal sheets, whether Coralina sheets either flannel sheets. And it is that these two types of sheets offer a very pleasant heat feeling, avoiding that when we get into bed we notice it cold.

The main difference between coral and flannel sheets, is that coraline are composed of polyester and other synthetic tissues. They have a very soft and pleasant velvety touch. On the other hand, flannel sheets are made with cotton, so they are more durable and breathable. Of course, they also wrinkle more than coralina.

Cotton sheets of the Jersey variety

In any case, the differences between coral savannas waves flannel savanas It shows more if the bed is bigger, both in the sheet fall like in the bedspread.

The pillow case

We can also appreciate cotton in our pillowcase. As is logical, this is one of the most prone parts to absorb odors. If we sleep with pajamas, the Pillow covers They will be the part that has the most contact with our skin when supporting the face. Recall that cotton is hypoallergenic, so it is one of the most appropriate fabrics to be in contact with our skin, avoiding irritation or itching.

And of course, apart from our bedspread, our Bajera sheet And our pillow cover, nothing like crowning the bed when the coldest days arrive as a Duvet cover of cotton.

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