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The trick of using 2 tennis balls on the washing machine

Today we are going to tell you about a small trick that consists of introducing two tennis balls into the washing machine and that we know will come from pearls. And the cold is here! And almost instinctively and without realizing it, we have to prepare the bedding that we had stored in our cabinets, or directly buy new home clothes! In one case or another, we will most likely wash almost everything, with time and effort that this implies. We can do it at home or we can take it to a laundry (now there are even COLLECT AND DELIVERY SERVICES at home).

Tennis balls on the washing machine

And when the laundry accumulates, any small help that allows us to gain some speed throughout the process is appreciated, and much. Who have not gathered several washing machines annoying the day? And it is a point where it doesn't matter if we use a dryer, sometimes, especially during the winter, I may not leave.

That is why today we want to share this little trick, which you may have already heard of talking: introduce two tennis balls into the washing machine.

Tennis balls on the washing machine

Advantages of using two tennis balls on the washing machine

It doesn't matter that we go to to wash towels, Albornoces, sheets, Nordic fillings, blankets, Pillows... If we introduce a couple of tennis balls in the washing machine before starting it, we will make our bedding or our bath towels leave much more fluffy. But attention, because this is not the main advantage of using this little trick.

If we start the washing machine with a couple of tennis balls, they will also allow us, as if by magic, that our casting drys faster. The explanation is simple: the balls allow the air to flow with greater freedom between our garments. This will be especially convenient to wash Nordic fillings.

Tennis balls on the washing machine

Have we convinced you but right now you have tennis balls to do the test? Well, you have no excuse, because it will not be difficult for you to get them! Of course, try to buy tennis balls with a minimum of quality (so they do not detach), and if you get them white better than better! In any case, if you want to check in the first person the advantages of this detail, we can achieve a fairly similar effect if we use a small size stuff (as with tennis balls, if we use two, better).

Try it and you will tell us!

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