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Do you have a house or a home?

In houses we usually accumulate objects that we do not use often, "just in case." We carefully neglect the order and many times we do not pay special attention to details.

However, households are something else. Both are houses, but a home keeps our essence. That corner with books that have made us see life with other eyes, photos with memories of special moments, plants that remind us of the importance of the most essential care ...

A home has a very personal part, very sight and that immediately transports us to a state of calm, security and happiness.

A warm and pleasant blanket, fluid curtains that let the light pass while protecting us from outside, fluffy and comfortable cushions, those stamped sheets in which we like to swirl on Sunday ... home flavor!

If we are a bit clueless in decoration issues, or we want to have more harmony but we do not know how to get it, there are some small femp shui tips that can come wonderfully so that our house transcends home, and thus feeling more zen and calm .

The Feng Shui is an ancient Chinese philosophical system, which is based on becoming aware of the space we occupy, in line, and that in turn influence us positively.

The arrangement of the elements and colors are of great importance to achieve it. Here are some tips:

  • It is important to look for an adequate place and in sight for objects that empower you.
  • Plants are life, have plants according to your home and style.
  • The entrance or hall is the first image you have when you enter, make it the most pleasant and clear.
  • The bedroom is a relaxation -oriented space. Use natural and pleasant tissues, avoid strident colors. Smells are also important, look for objects that lead you to calm.
  • In general, order is very important. An orderly home invites a mind and an orderly life.
  • Symmetry and harmony are of great help to create a harmonious space.
  • You should prevent the bed behind a mirror, a door or a window. Unconsciously they are elements that give us insecurity, overcome them will help us to fall asleep.
  • Keep the colors. Chromotherapy has a great impact on our moods. An choice of colors in line with the feelings we want to generate will benefit us greatly.

With these little tips we will be prepared to begin, although if you want to know more, we recommend the book "Feng Shui for beginners”From Wu Zhen.

Improve your home to improve your life. You will immediately perceive how that harmony moves to other areas of your day to day.

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