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Current trends in children's and youth rooms

The decoration of our children's rooms is very important since it is practically the space of the house where they spend more hours, both to rest, to study, play, etc. Our children's rooms usually reflect aspects of their personality. That is why it must be a space in which they feel comfortable, and that mainly gather characteristics that guarantee rest and relaxation.

We could say that their rooms end up being an extension of themselves, so we leave you some of the best trends in decorating both children's and youthful rooms, so you can find the most consistent style for your child. A decoration that identifies it and makes it feel comfortable.

It is during the last months of each year when the proposals, styles, and the ideas that will be fashionable next year in the decoration of home environments begin to be known. So if you plan to give a different and renewed touch to your children's rooms, take note of the following tips and apply them in the way you like and better adapt to them.

  • Sleep furniture

High beds with stairs and "nest" are a perfect option that complements comfort with the fun of children. Add accessories and accessories to match with a theme that you like: cars, football, animals, princesses ... These accessories can be among others the sheets or bedrooms of the beds. Also cushions with the shapes of the objects they like.

For example, if your child likes the theme of space, flying, airplanes, etc., our Premium airplanes sheets game aircraft It would be ideal in the decoration of your room.

  • Colors

As for the colors both on walls and in accessories of the room, we find multiple options.

One of them is to choose your liking a couple of bright colors and distribute them throughout the room, equitably, between walls, furniture, curtains, etc.

If you do not want to overload the space, you can leave the walls and furniture with light tones and give more color to the room in accessories such as comforters.

Our comforters are ideal to color your spaces. If your child likes cars and animals, surely he loves as much as our Crodrive Comfort.

Another alternative is to choose a couple of bright colors that match another pair of neutral tones. These contrasts are always a good option.

Combining dark tones like a navy blue or a bluish gray in children's bedrooms with light tones furniture, are one of the main current trends that will also make your child's room a space that will cost you to leave. These colors, in addition to providing personality to space, have the advantage that if it gets dirty it is easier to hide than other lighter colors.

  • Storage furniture

To store and organize everything that is in the room, clothing, toys, shoes, school supplies, etc., one of the most consolidated current trends is children's “air type” storage furniture. Of course, without neglecting and complemented with the typical options of tables and shelves.

Bow tables are always a very useful element in a children's room. It is very important that the furniture and space atmosphere is provided to the measure of each child, to facilitate her autonomy and please her needs. Complement these tables with low chairs and shelves.

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