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Prepare a miso soup in 3 steps

Today we will explain how to quickly prepare a Miso soup delicious. And when those cold and rainy days arrive, few things are as comforting as a good warm soup. It will help us get warm and to recharge energies.

One of the advantages that soups have is that we can prepare it and combine it practically with any of our favorite ingredients. There are soups that have some more complication or require more preparation time, and there are others really simple to prepare. Let's do it! Let's prepare a step by step miso.

If you have never tried a miso soup, we are sure that it will surprise you both for its simplicity and for its flavor. And it's going to sit great!

Miso soup is a Traditional Japanese recipe that is becoming more fashionable in different countries. Partly for being so easy to prepare, partly for its properties and partly also for its flavor.

The first thing to consider when preparing our miso soup is its intensity. The more miso we add, the more flavor you will have. If we have previously tried this soup and we like its taste, perhaps we want to add a little more miso. In case of being the first time we tried it, perhaps it would be more advisable not to exceed and do it something softer.

Miso soup with tofu
Miso soup with tofu

Preparing a miso soup

  1. First, we are going to boil water in a pot. When it is already boiling, we will pour some water in a glass, filling only one third of it. We will use this water to dissolve the miso in it, adding several teaspoons of the jar, to our liking, and removing it vigorously until dissolved well.
  2. With the rest of the pot that will continue boiling, we will add algae Wakame And we will let it cook about 5 minutes. If we add the dehydrated algae, we must keep in mind that they will increase their size considerably, so care is not going to go. While we let them cook, we will cut white tofu in small daditos and some vegetables to our liking (we can add leek, shiitake mushrooms, carrot ... but always cut into very fine pieces!). We will pour everything to the pot, leaving it in the fire for another 5 minutes.
  3. We remove the pot from the fire and add the miso that we had previously dissolved in the glass with water, removing everything.

And nothing more! That easy would be to have our Miso soup, to which you would only have to let stand for a few minutes and start enjoying it.

Miso soup
Miso soup with pak choi

A soup is ideal to accompany our dinners. But in the event that it is our main food or dinner, we may want to add noodles. We want to use udon, thicker noodles, or rice noodles, both will be perfect by absorbing the taste of the broth.

Nor do you doubt when customizing the recipe and improving it to your liking. For example, you can also cook the mushrooms and vegetables a little before pouring them into the pot to cook them, to give it a different touch. Similarly, we can add pepper, pak choi or vegetable broth to get more flavor.

And of course, if we want to give our soup an extra air of authenticity, we can always use Dashi broth genuine. This broth has become a fairly essential ingredient within Japanese cuisine, and today it is no longer difficult to get in specialized stores or shops with import food. You can buy powder and pour a little directly at the beginning, when we boil the water.

Enjoy it!

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