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What measures do I need for home home?

Do you know what measure you have to have a Nordic case or a set of sheets, depending on the size of your bed? Most likely, you ask this question once you will buy your bedding. As in the swimsuit. Don't worry, let's clear your doubts right away.

We have prepared a complete guide to know what size you have to choose at all times in your comforters, sheets and towels.

Measures for your bed

Our most common measures are for 90, 105, 135, 150, 180, 200 cm bed, although in some pieces we also work for 120 and 160 cm bed measures.

Do you know how much your bed measures?

  • Individual bed: It is usually 80, 90, or even 105 cm wide, by 180, 190 0 200 cm long. The sheets for this bed will find them looking for 90 x 190, 90 x 200, etc. If you have individual beds, the most normal thing is to buy two games of individual sheets.
  • Double bed: While the usual measure used to be 135 wide, this size is being disused, and is being replaced by 150. The length of these sheets is usually 180, 190 or 200.
  • Queen Size: This measure is popular, since, more and more, we look for larger beds. It is usually 175 or 180 cm wide, by 190 or 200 cm long.
  • King Size: If there is a size that we would all love, that is that of the King Size bed. The standard size is 200 x 200 cm, which ensures enough width that our rest requires.

The measures of the lower and countertops sheets 

A bleeding trick comfortably and without hanging your feet, is that you always choose a length between 15 or 20 cm more than you measure or if you share bed, take reference the measure of the highest person.

Therefore, we advise you:

  • For 80/90 cm beds: The countertop sheet must measure 160x270, and the fall, 90x190/200 cm.
  • For 105 beds: The countertop must measure 180x270 cm. La Bajera, 105x190/200 cm.
  • For 135 beds We will use a 210x270 cm countertop, and a drop of 135x190/200.
  • For 150 beds The measures of the countertops are 240x270 cm, and the droplets, 150x190/200.
  • For 180 beds, we will prefer countertops of 270x270, and drops of 180x190/200 cm.
  • For 200s, we will opt for countertops of 290x270cm, and drops of 200x200cm.

The measures of the Nordic covers

In this case, the Nordic covers have to always be a few centimeters than your bed, since they will visually be much better (neither too long nor too short).

Pay a lot of attention:

  • To 80 or 90 bed The measure 160x260 cm in Nordic covers usually does well.
  • For the 105 bed, the measure will be 190x260 cm.
  • For the 135 bed, we will choose 220x260 cm.
  • For 150 beds, we will prefer 240x260 cm.
  • If we have one 180 bed, our Nordic case must measure 260 x 260.
  • Yes ours Bed is King Size (200x200 cm), The Nordic case that best adjusts is 290x260cm.

The measures of comforters and matches

The comforters also have standardized measures according to the size of the bed:

  • For the 80/90/105 bed: 180x260 cm.
  • For the 135 bed: 235x260 cm.
  • For the 150 bed: 250x260 cm.
  • For the 180 bed: 270x260 cm.
  • For the Bed 200: 290x260 cm.

If what we want is a quilt or bouti, pay close attention to this table, since the measures are not entirely the same:

  • For the 80/90 bed: 185x270 cm.
  • For the 105 bed: 200x270 cm.
  • For the 135 bed: 235x270 cm.
  • For the 150 bed: 250x270 cm.
  • For the 180/200 bed: 280x270 cm.


In general, when buying a towel we decided on those attractive design and colors that go with our liking. But does this really fulfill the functions of the use that we will give? We have to keep in mind that in addition to size, there are different grammages, that is, different thicknesses in the towel.

Normally, we usually divide our towels into hand or sink towels (the ones we use to dry our hands) and shower or bath towels (the ones we use to dry the body). We can also have the so -called dressing table, which are those used for the face or also for the Bidet.

Then we leave you the different sizes and varieties we have:

  • The Toilet towels They have a standard measure of 30x50 cm. Their comfortable size makes them perfect for the face, and are usually widely used in facial routines. Another extended use is together with the use of Bidet.
  • The sink or hand towels They usually measure 50x100 cm. Its use is linked to the sink, to dry our hands and face.
  • The Bathroom or shower towels They usually measure 70x140cm. This standardized measure refers to a short towel, which usually covers the lower part of the body, in the case of men, or from the chest to half a leg, in the case of women. If we prefer towels that cover the whole body, we can opt for the option of the XL towel.
  • The Sabana towel o XL towel It is an amplified version of the bath towel. It usually measure 100x150, and ensures the almost total body coverage of the body when leaving the shower. It is usually preferred for the coldest months, or for the places where they have lower temperatures during the year.
  • The bathroom carpets They may look and composition similar to that of the towel. The standardized size for this atypical towel variety is usually 50x70 cm, although we can find smaller measures.

We want to highlight that all measures are approximate, since it depends on the model, it can vary in some cases.

Do you have any doubt? Consult us without any commitment. We hope this measures guide helps you successfully choose your bed and bathding.

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