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Why do we dream?

The dream is the mechanism we have to process information, memories, emotions, physical and mental rest. Through deep sleep, our limbic system is launched in which several brain structures participate, regulating our physiological response to stimuli.

Sleeping is important, but the really functional thing is to dream. How many times have you dreamed the answer to a problem you had? Has it happened to you that after a dream, have you seen a complex matter much clearer? We must not underestimate the ability of our subconscious, which communicates with our conscious, precisely in those moments of deep sleep. Remembering dreams can be established as a habit, among other things, having the habit of writing them in a diary of dreams.

In the vigil, we perceive a lot of information unconsciously: data, gestures, details, colors, smells ... When passing to the sleep phase, the unconscious communicates a large number of that information, which consciously when awakening, can be of great help.

In order for the ability to dream, a route in our brain waves is essential, passing from beta to Alfa, Theta and finally Delta. The latter is the one that gives us a deep sleep, and in that deep sleep, every night, we introduce ourselves in the REM (Rapid Eye Movement phase (for its acronym in English). In these phases dreams occur, in which each event of the day can affect.

Our emotions, concerns, what we study, work, a movie ... everything can influence. But something that will undoubtedly determine the dream, is our environment.

A peaceful stay, at soft temperature, harmonic colors ... What is better to reconcile the dream, than a good hot bath and a comfortable pajamas together with a newly washed and comfortable bedding? It is certainly the perfect cocktail to start our rest.

Environmental materials affect our mood and health. Using quality materials, mainly sustainable and with cheerful and soft prints in the bedroom, is a great incentive to increase well -being and promote a state of calm and serenity. Cotton absorbs moisture and perspires, being a very soft fabric with pleasant touch, the most indicated to make your bed a safer and cozy place.

We leave you a small trick, in case it is difficult for you to fall asleep: the green light helps us sleep more easily. You can check it by using a small focus of adjustable multicolored LED.

If you are reading us just before sleeping, we hope that with these little tips you will get to reconcile a happy and repairing sleep.

Until tomorrow!

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