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Nesting: The pleasure of staying at home

There has been a before and after in the way of life of the population. The trend may have changed in activities as routine as going to the office or meeting with friends, as we have always seen.

From March to June 2020 we spend a lot of time in our homes, something unthinkable and unknown to date. Small, young and old had to manage to occupy all this time of "enclosure" developing their creativity so as not to get bored. Others preferred to simply dedicate it to rest, reflect, read and endless pleasant activities that had not been paid enough attention due to lack of time.

Now we are more likely to "stay at home", something we know well. And there are those who have taken the pleasure to stay at home and today, prefer to enjoy intimate moments in their home rather than make plans abroad. If you also feel identified, do not scare yourself because it is a very common practice, to which a concrete term is coined: Nesting.

Nest: It comes from English and means nest. This word connects to the "hygge", a tendency of Scandinavian origin that focuses on the whole importance in the home as the key to happiness.

The benefits of staying at home

There are many benefits to stay at home. It is another way to occupy time, away from social and frantic plans. It is a practice that consists of spending time to oneself or simple tasks that cause well -being and comfort. An investigation carried out by scientists from the University of Limerik, in Ireland, they indicate that even getting bored, it is an activity that returns to the more altruistic and empathetic individual and that does not hurt to feel this way from time to time.

When spending more time at home and having more time for oneself, it is usual to ask questions as if we feel comfortable in our home and if it covers our needs a hundred percent.

Creating a comfortable space at home is the key to feeling good

When we think about giving a renewed air to any space in our house we usually opt for practical, economic and trend products.

In the living room, for example, we look for functional and comfortable furniture. A sofa in which you can watch a movie or read a book quietly surrounded by fluffy and soft decorative cushions. But sometimes, so much use can be worn faster than usual. That is why it is important to protect them with a buchers. We usually opt for smooth colors that do not keep importance to the rest of the space, if they go in line with this. The SAVA SOFA CORAL AVELLANA He is padded, soft and very pleasant to the touch. Its elastic tapes will help to be fixed correctly and comfortably to the couch and avoid movements or chafing.

On the other hand, one of the accessories that most decorate a room are the cushions. According to your tastes you can opt for original cushions, modern cushions, smooth, prints and endless possibilities. The tones that will gain weight This spring is green and yellow. That is why the Green -free Smooth Cojín TEXTILE LLAR, characteristic of its softness and its resistant fabric. If you like the softest tones you can opt for the Vanilla de Don Cotton Texture cushion, available in two different measures according to your needs.

Home atmosphere are also key factors to feel comfortable at home. The most successful are those that arouse good feelings, relaxation and balance. Sometimes, it can cost to find the perfect odor diffuser, but in the section of Textile Llar You will find a variety of the best home sethors that fit what you are looking for. You are more fresh, Mediterranean, citrus or amaderated odors, an atmosphere can not be missing in your home.

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