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Keep the sofa covers clean

Decorate Our house can end up being a much more complex task than it could be assumed at first. And it is very often, initially we do not take into account basic elements that end up playing a determining role in the decoration of our home. We can find a clear example precisely on the sofas. That is why today we want to talk about how to wash the sofa covers.

We acquired covers precisely with the intention of preserving the sofas in perfect condition during as long as possible. And yes, it really is a great way to do it (if not the best), with the addition of providing us with the possibility of adding a decorative element. But using covers on our sofa loses a little meaning if at the moment of truth we do not take the trouble to take care of them and keep them clean. What sense does it want to protect a sofa if we do not take care of the case that covers and protects it?

Both being practical and for hygiene and decoration, it is highly advisable to have at least two games of sofa covers. And if it is different tones, then better than better. In this way, under the justified excuse of changing the covers for washing, we will adopt more easily a routine of removing them every few weeks, while we put the other covers, giving another style to the stay.

Sofa case

How often should we wash the sofa covers?

We always usually give advice regarding reasonable time to wash the comforters, the pillows ... however in the case of the sofa covers, we can clearly say that each house is a world. It is very complicated to determine how much time it would be advisable to wash them. In some homes the sofa is barely used, while in another it is always busy. There are houses in which pets or young children coexist ... or even both! And of course, it will also depend on whether we promptly have complicated spots.

Wash the sofa covers

Actually, cleaning the sofa covers, by normal general, is a really simple process. We can do it directly with our washing machine (a normal 5 kilos washer should be more than enough for the vast majority of covers, both for space and to be well). In addition there is no need to wash in dry or make use of the dryer. Moreover, in fact it would be advisable to never use a dryer to dry our sofa covers, since if they end up shrinking, no matter how little, they could not adapt well to our sofa. On the other hand, in the case that there is no delicate spots, it would not even be necessary to apply any kind of special product.

sofa case

Buy Sofa Cases

When acquiring some covers, it is always worth looking for quality sofa covers. And if we take the little discomfort of taking care of them properly, we can have them for a long time. Taking care of them, we are very likely to end them by changing us for getting tired of them, not for being worn.

No less important would be to ensure that your tones combine with the color of our sofa and in general, with the decoration of our room (always based on our tastes, of course).

When we go to buy our sofa covers, and considering that we aspire to last a long time, it will also be a good time to find a plaid and some joint cushions or that they also combine. The plaids are really versatile, being able to end up using them for both the couch and to have them on our bed, while the cushions can give us a lot of game.

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