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Llar x Pettit.Decor

In Llartextil we have had the pleasure and privilege of being able to chat a few moments with Pettit.Decor, whom you will most likely know through the content you usually share through your Instagram account.

And how could it be otherwise, we have not let the opportunity to take advantage and ask some brief key questions that help us to know their vision about comfort at home. Do you accompany us?


LLARTEXTIL: What is your favorite stay?

Pettit.Decor: The main bedroom. One of the things I like most about him is the light he has and the warmth that transmits me every time I enter. It makes me feel alone.

LLARTEXTIL: What is comfort for you?

Pettit.Decor: is to feel comfortable, enjoy being at home and that helps reset your mind.

Aromatic candle in glass

LLARTEXTIL: What stay brings you more head?

Pettit.Decor: The bathroom is the stay that costs most to organize but little by little I change small details and looking for inspiration.


LLARTEXTIL: Do you think there is a difference between house and home?

Pettit.Decor: House can be anyone but, home, it is that peace refuge in which you love being. The one that fills you with good energies.

Don Cotton Zero Twist Albor

Of course Pettit.Decor shares our tastes regarding the importance of Differentiate a home from a home. From here we invite you, if you do not do it, to follow her on Instagram, and we thank both for her time and for the photographs.

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