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Our Autumn Reading List 2021

Recently it has been Halloween, and although in Spain our holiday is that of all saints, it is increasingly rooted among young people to disguise and celebrate with terrifying or truculent decorations. Today we want to bring you a reading list for this fall.

And it is that every year there is a theme, a fashion: real murderers, of television series, disturbing events ... most have a good book as a base, and here we bring you a small list so that you enjoy it precisely now that the Time begins not to allow us to do so many outdoor activities. So you know, prepare your favorite seat and Your best blanket!

How could it be otherwise, this list begins with the father of horror novels of the last decades: Stephen King, next to his son's son Owen King.

Fall reading list 2021

Sleepen Beauty (Stephen King)

Stephen King

The novel is "Sleeping beautiful” (Sleeping Beauties in its original title). This novel began to be distributed in Spain at the beginning of 2018.

This risky work talks about what would happen if women abandon this world. When women fall asleep, a kind of cocoon springs from their body that isolates them from abroad. If they awaken, bother them or touch them, that cocoon that envelops them, reacts with extreme violence. During the dream they evade another world and men, begin to address their most primary instincts.

Some doubt whether it is a disease, a demon or some kind of punishment. A woman named Evie is immune and object of study.

There are a lot of second readings about this book, but it certainly keeps intrigue and a context that could be perfectly current.

Hill House's curse (Shirley Jackson)

Reading list

The second place may sound more for the series of Netflix, but of course the book is a great work of the maximum terror that can be lived in a house. In Castelano, "Hill House's curse” (The Hainting of Hill House), from Shirley Jackson.

Considered one of the best horror novels of the twentieth century, it tells John Montagen's disturbing experiment, a doctor of philosophy and anthropologist, about the study of psychic disturbances in the "enchanted houses." One day he hears Hill House, a lonely and sinister mansion, and decides to rent her looking for assistants willing to spend a season in it.

A distribution of characters with very different personalities, along with a large number of events lived in the house, which will not leave the reader indifferent.

The book and the series do not share the same story, so as always, we recommend reading the book although we see the series.

The murderers of the moon of the flowers (David Grann)

When we say that reality surpasses fiction, we can take as a perfect example the story of "The murderers of the moon of the flowers: the crimes in the Osage nation and the birth of the FBI” The United States is cannon meat for chilling stories, but it also has a very sad component, and it is because events did not imply anything paranomal, only human greed.

At the beginning of the 1920s the members of the Indigenous Nation of the Osage, in Oklahoma, became the richest people in the world. After discovering huge oil deposits under their reserve, the Osage lived in mansions, wore with expensive skins and jewels, traveled in cars with a driver and had white servants. But soon, the Osage began to disappear mysteriously or die killed, one after another. The family of a Osage woman, Mollie Burkhart, became a main objective. Her three sisters were killed. One was poisoned, another died shots and the third died in an explosion.

Other members of the Osage nation died in mysterious circumstances, and many of those who dared to investigate crimes were also killed. As the number of deaths increased, the newly created FBI took over the case, and its young director, J. Edgar Hoover, turned to a member of the Texas Rangers called Tom White to try to decipher the mystery. White put together a clandestine team, which included a native-American agent who infiltrated the region, and together with the Osage, began to reveal one of the most chilling conspiracies in the history of the United States.

Almost nothing, and even if you know the end of the story, it is undeniable that you will be attracted to your reading.

The accident book (Chuck Wendig)

And as more current terror, we have the novel released this year: "THE BOOK OF ACCIDENTS" from Chuck Wendig.

A family decides to return to his hometown, where a series of indescribable horrors traumatized the parents during their childhood. Now that they are back, what happened in the past is repeating and the family will have to fight for their lives while black magic puts them in the middle of a battle between good and evil.

An authentic emotional cataclysm of characters, strange events, confusion and terrifying and liberating revelations in equal parts that have no waste.

With this little list we hope to encourage you to enjoy and that you shudder in the few weeks that are missing to start winter, and by default a media bombardment of bucolic stories about Christmas.

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