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The best towels for your bathroom

When we are designing a bathroom, one of the fundamental pillars of interior design are bath towels. Since, a bathroom without good towels, is like the beach without sea, a pool without water or as a school without students: practically impossible to imagine.

To worry about small details is always the best option. This accessory enjoys a great ability to contribute style to all space, being a crucial element in any bathroom.

When leaving the shower, after washing our face or hands and in many other situations, we need to have high quality towels that give us softness and comfort. But ... do they only serve to dry? Not flatly.

Without them, we will not have that cozy contribution offered by Llartextile towels: different textures, fluffiness, fantastic absorption, different measures, infinite colored ranges, and many more qualities.

Our game of Eden towels Where the blue color is the protagonist, it transports us to an atmosphere of calm and serenity, because, this color is related to peace, tranquility, control of the situation and protection. They are available in several measures: 30x50, 50x100, 70x140 and 100x150.

We have several colored ranges, with which you can contribute to your bathroom, that Mediterranean touch that is so much. That is, natural, fresh and simple environments, where the blue, gray and sand colors are the protagonists. The Mediterranean color palette is characterized by its liveliness and contrasts.

In this case, the Zero Twist towel of Don Cotton, with a higher touch and a very high power of absorption thanks to its highest quality, it would be ideal if what you are looking for is to contribute to your bath light, serenity, and calm. This model is also available in different measures: 30x50, 50x100, 70x140 and 100x150.

Do not forget to also choose a rug For your bath. They are necessary to protect from shower moisture. Telling on it with bare feet after a good shower, it is a very pleasant sensation that we all love.

From LLARTEXTIL, we offer you the possibility of customizing your bathroom. Make your combinations to your liking. For example, combine our collection of zero twist towels and spoils with this fabulous Ribs mat of Don Cotton. Make your bath, a space full of style. His softness and his fantastic absorption make this mat, a unique and special article.

When decorating your bathroom, you must not only take into account the variety of colors; For a bathroom to be well served, you must have towels in all measures.

It would be ideal for all our towels to be combined in color and climbing in measures.

What towel measures should I choose? It depends where you want it!

Dresser towel, the smallest: 30 x 50 cm

Sink towel, for hands and face: 50 x 100 cm

Bath towel: 70 x 140 cm

Bath towel or sheet: 100 x 150 cm

The main key of a good towel is in the fabric and in the preparation. Therefore, in LLARTEXTIL, we take care of every detail to offer our customers the best quality.

Our towels are 100% cotton and American curl. Two points to take into account when buying quality and durable towels.

Remember that we also have a wide variety of beach towels, so that this summer you can wear it wherever you go.

Our Jacquard Velour beach towel From Don Cotton with a velvety finish, you will love it!

And that's not all! As thanks for the trust you have deposited in us, we bring you a ... Welcome gift!

What is the gift?

For all purchases made from July 1 to September 1, we will give to 10 people, 10 games of savannas of 135 cm.

May the luck be with you!

And remember, without a good set of towels, our bathroom will seem sad and empty. Enjoy the llartextile collections in our stores and in

We are waiting!

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