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The truth about caffeine and sleep

Do you like coffee or tea? If you respond affirmatively, surely you will know that caffeine is a very common stimulant that affects our energy and our concentration. In the same way that it can help us endure the rhythm of our day to day, it can also cause us the opposite effect when wanting to disconnect, preventing us from enjoying the repair dream that we need so much at night.

Has it happened to you that, as soon as you get up, or when you get to the office, you are already thinking about the coffee you are going to have to "get going"?

The reality is that according to statistics, we increasingly consume more caffeine. We have become accustomed to her to be able to make our frantic routine more bearable. And it is no longer only because we enjoy these drinks, but also because caffeine causes instant change in our body. A few moments after consuming it, we can already notice its effects, noticing more hustling.

The problem is that as with almost everything, our body tends to end up getting used to caffeine, and can normalize the amount we take. This ends up causing, literally, to increase our level of tolerance, normalizing it and needing more.

Is this good or something wrong? Well, when as a rule we consume little caffeine, we can notice positive effects. The problem comes when we abuse it, drinking more and more coffee or more tea. And this ends up directly affecting our sleep cycle, which does not do us any good.

Some studies associate coffee consumption hours before going to sleep, losing a whole hour of sleep. And the loss of quality rest, will cause us to cost us more to get up and do it with less energies. Our first solution? Of course, more coffee! And the better better!

What alternatives do we have to caffeine?

If just wake up we have the feeling that we lack energy and we are already thinking of taking something with caffeine, it is surely because we have already been trapped in the circle of caffeine that we described before. Luckily we can find other alternative methods.
A great way to invest in increasing our energy reserves begins to get used to our body. For example, we can take the habit of giving small walks daily, or doing soft workouts, especially if we carry them out in mid -morning or in the afternoon. If we do, we will prepare our body to have greater resistance and avoid falling into daily exhaustion.

It is essential to relax to reduce our stress level. A determining factor is precisely our room. A good Set of sheets Cotton can help not irritate our skin, and improve our dream, something essential.

Another good option is to take a good cold shower, which will revitalize the muscles, mind and circulation. But after a good cold shower, do not forget to have some good Bathroom towels either A good bathrobe.

The food we choose are also very important. We must try to add food to our meals that really give us energy. But it is equally important or even more stay hydrated! Coffee drinks, especially if they contain a significant amount of sugar, can become counterproductive. Precisely among some of the effects of dehydration, we find feeling with a greater feeling of tiredness. Nothing that we cannot counteract drinking more water.

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