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Sleeping position and rest quality

The quality of your rest and the hours you dedicate to sleep are of vital importance to recover and face a new day in a positive way and with the capacity to concentrate.

One of the main factors that determine the quality of rest is the position in which you sleep. The most common positions are upside down, face down and sideways. However, there are people who like to sleep in unlikely positions who even bother living together causing small very common conflicts such as stretches of sheets and pillows.

In fact, the position in which you sleep says a lot about you and your habits. As we commented before, who sleeps back, does it more relaxed since having the body totally stretched, the blood flows better without any obstruction. We will get up more rested and with less muscle aches.

If you are of the ones that prefer to sleep face down, you have more risks to suffer neck and back problems because they are not aligned. So most likely you wake up more frequently and with possible pain that you have to drag during the day hindering your daily activities. A positive aspect, however, is that in this position you will avoid snoring during the night, something more frequent in those who sleep upside down.

A study published in The Journal of Neuroscience It reveals that the most beneficial thing for our body is to sleep on the side. So if you are one of these people you should know that it is the best posture since it relieves the tension of the lumbar zone and helps us to have a more repairing dream and, therefore, of quality.

Mattress covers, lower sheets and pillowcases

On the other hand, apart from the position in which we sleep, there are more factors that influence the quality of our rest. Especially in summer, when it costs us more to fall asleep due to high temperatures, it is important to use spirable and durable materials bedding. Starting with one Mattress cover of cotton, that protects it from sweat and avoid the accumulation of mites and bacteria.

We must also use a good Antiarrugas pillow That is comfortable and adapts to our body. There are those who like to wear latex pillows, foam or feathers, larger or smaller. The important thing is to help you relax while you sleep. In addition, it is worth having a quality pillow without a pillowcase that protects it and whose material is soft and resistant.

For those who usually move more during the night it is also convenient that they use Adjustable lower sheets that adapt well to the mattress and do not move easily. They may be Sabanas 150, Sabanas 135 either Sabanas 105. Upon with the wrinkled sheets is the most uncomfortable! That will cause us discomfort and irritability during the night since our body will be in direct contact with the mattress instead of a soft and fresh tissue like the drop.

Other factors such as noise, light or order in the bedroom will also influence the quality of your rest. Do not the undervalued and keep them into account to get a repair dream. Remember that resting better depends on the habits you follow, so start putting them into practice!

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