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The magic of candles

Surely you have ever heard or even used the expression "be sleeping."

It is a phrase that suggests being between two worlds: slightly sleeping and at the same time pending the environment. Etymologically it has its origin in the verb sleep and candle, as an action to ensure, or the Latin “vigilāre”.

This word has the ability to evoke the fascinating history of sleep customs in the Middle Ages (and very possibly from before), where it sleeps, nightly and the atmosphere accompanied with candles created an almost dreamlike atmosphere.

The custom was to sleep twice on one night, there was a small interruption in the dream of one or two hours, in which they read, chatted or performed some small home task. This sleep pattern was disappearing with the arrival of the industrial revolution and lighting in the streets.

Subsequent investigations have pointed out that producing an intermediate vigil reduces stress, helps us to reflect, to remember dreams more easily and in general increase well -being, although it is true that it is complicated to combine with the current social schedules and our rhythm of life.

White candle In 190 grams glass

It also influences that this period was accompanied by a faint candlelight or the fireplace itself, with its firewood consuming, something that helped to maintain, with its type of light and crepit the flame, a relaxed atmosphere more conducive to rest . Currently, if we simulate this custom, we should do it in similar circumstances, since lighting a screen or the light would stimulate us, moving away from the true purpose.

Candles have always been in our lives, even now that "we don't need them." We continue to use them decoratively, ritual or if the electric light goes, but the truth is that we love the flame: that little magic in the fire that automatically relaxes us and produces an almost instantaneous welfare state.

With a multitude of designs, formats, colors and smells, we continue to buy candles, having them very present in our day to day, since its simplicity transmits a great inner peace that invites us to relaxation.

More than an utensil, candles are a symbol that accompanies us reminding us how much we like to evoke relaxed environments, how important the fire is and how simple it is to transform an environment with the right candles.

A bathroom with candles, a dinner with candles, an appointment with candles, a meditation with candles ... or simply candles to refresh the atmosphere with a specific aroma. White candles, an anti -backed candle, ecological candles, a candle with jewel inside ...

The candles were, are and will continue to accompany us, to create soft, relaxed environments, which allow us to reconnect with calm or even end up sleeping, thanks to the power of their flame, which transports us to a reflective and leisurely state.

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