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Previously on Llar's blog we have talked about the importance of color. Today we are going to complement it by talking about the importance of light.

If you have been following our advice to achieve a harmonious and balanced home, it is important that you also pay attention to light.

There are luminous stays than others. There are even rooms that do not have windows that provide access to natural light. If the colors are important, the light is an indispensable complement.

You can play with artificial lights to recreate a more intimate and warm atmosphere, a white light that enhances the appearance of neatness and seriousness, even play with colored lights.

The use of natural light is not simply decorative. Sunlight disinfects, avoids excessive consumption of electricity and gives us vitamin D, indispensable for the proper functioning of our body, as well as that of your animals and plants.

Organizing a special corner to read, to take alone to have our favorite plants, is a great way to optimize natural light and dispose of a stay depending on it.

Generally when we decorate or choose textiles or ornaments, we do it based on whether or not to see them in the store or in the catalog, without paying attention to how the stay where we are going to locate them. The colors are different depending on the exhibition they will have.

It is important to know the dimensions and luminosity to find the most appropriate elements. In a bedroom, for example, the orientation of the bed with respect to the window can allow us to enhance ventilation in the bedding, read taking advantage of sunlight, even observe the stars if the environment allows it.

After the recent events in which we have spent a lot of time in our homes, we all ask ourselves how to take better advantage of time and space.

If we are passionate about paper, we can find us many times reading next to a lamp, without realizing that you have a splendid window with a wonderful natural light for reading.

Likewise, guide the tables and desks towards the windows it makes it easier for us to take advantage of the incoming light to study, take notes, write ...

Sometimes small gestures are those that make us save time and money. With a brief sun exposure of approximately ten minutes, we guarantee a healthy absorption of vitamin D, how limited we have had.

Formerly life passed near the natural currents of water and sunlight, both indispensable sources of life.

At present we depend in excess of artificial light, which affects us at all levels. Let's try to enhance natural light in our home, choosing Even Y CURRINAS IN LIGHT COLORS and natural tissues, which allow clarity while protecting intimacy.

It is interesting to find a way to organize the stays according to the level of natural light they have. For places without windows there is always the alternative of using artificial “windows” of LED light. We will never get the same properties of the sun, but they are of great help to stimulate an atmosphere of warmth and comfort or make an area without windows more pleasant.

While we value the new fabrics that you are going to acquire for your home, let's not forget to pay attention to the details of orientation and exposure to natural light, as well as enhancing with artificial light the details (such as a LED garland in the headboard of our bed, a Salt lamp at the table we have in the corner of the living room or a splendid natural fiber lamp in our bedroom).

And remember, whenever possible, let's take advantage of any activity to benefit our body with the effects of sunlight, always with precaution and sun protection if exposure is prolonged.

We hope that this golden spring light motivates you and you find a way to renew you to feel more comfortable and full in your home.

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