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The influence of rest in memory

Do you often forget where you left things? Or do you get you get what you were doing? It is actually quite common that happens to many people. And in a very high percentage is due to not sleeping enough. There are numerous studies that relate sleep quality to the functioning of our memory and even our mood.

Based on these investigations, we can determine that sleeping enough hours helps us to keep our memory better, as well as our humor.

Sleep little and/or sleep badly, something so common for our current rhythm of life, will entail that we have a worse capacity for attention and concentration, while we become more irritable. Resting during the night is not only an essential biological function for our body, it also means that our brain works properly. It is something fundamental both during learning and in the development of our work functions.

And it is that different studies have concluded that it is the different phases of sleep that allow us to consolidate certain types of memory.

Sometimes for personal or work or schedule, we are complicated to rest the necessary hours. But we can always try to improve our sleep quality paying attention to small details.

For example, hasn't it happened to you that you have ever gone to a hotel, and despite being for reasons of work and not finding yourself in your bed, have you rested great? It may largely be due to bedding.

And it seems nonsense, but it is not at all. A superior quality bedding helps you rest at another level. Investing in a game of sheets, in blankets or in a quantity of soft and pleasant materials is to invest in our own well -being.

From LLARTEXTIL we propose combinations as a VIP Cotton sheet set in blank, with a 180 -wire blue sky sky sky sky and ones Piping sky cushion. You will see that you can improve your sleep quality easily at really affordable prices.

Take the test and tell us!

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