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The importance of renewing bedding

There are many people who do not give much importance to changing bedding very often. According to an investigation by the University of Kingston, a bed houses up to 1’5 million mites responsible for allergies or asthma. Therefore, it is recommended to change all the sheets, pillow and mattress covers, once a week.

Warn them that the bed is one of the favorite sites of the microbes: fungi, dead skin, bacteria ... for that reason, it is essential to ventilate every morning after sleeping about 10 minutes, avoiding the proliferation of mold.

The care that we give to our bedding is very important, since your life time will depend on it (varying from 6 months to 5 years approx.). So, if you are one of those people who constantly use the same bedding, that will require a greater frequency of washing and therefore will deteriorate faster.

From Llar Textile, we offer you a wide variety of articles so you can have your home to the last one without spending large amounts of money.

Renew your home textile for this spring

It is essential that in each change of season, we give a new air to our bedroom. Therefore, this spring, we will leave behind dark and melancholic colors. In these months, we give way to bright colors and white.

Our Karamelo Terma fabric set, with a very attractive floral design, will give a great touch of luminosity to your room. We talk about a model available in two colors, in pink and in blue. A design that will contribute a lot of joy and freshness to your bedroom.

With the arrival of spring, it is best to do without so many layers. Here we must take off the comforter and put a quilt for the spring/summer season. A clear example would be the Valentina Colcha. It is an extra soft touch to the touch and available in two colors Beig Y Grey.

Are you more from Bouti? In case you did not know, the bouti is a slightly padded quilt that in addition to covering the bed, can serve us to cover us at night. We could say that it is a very functional product, since it can serve as much decoration and to shelter at night that the Airecito runs.

The model BOUTY KARAMELO PIA, he has us in love. It is a reversible sewn bouti printed on two sides.

Another very youthful bouti design is the model Paradise. With this print, you will get a casual style to your bedroom.

So ... the time has come to renew your bedding and change your comforters, Nordic covers for brown, bedspreads and lighter sheets. And if we give it a touch of color, better than better.

Ah, and take note. Now it is time to wash the comforters, Nordic and Nordic covers! Wash them in the change of station is the best way to keep them in full form. Wash your winter clothes to be ready for the next set.

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