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Towels and sizes

Surely you agree with us that quality towels are able to give another touch to our bathroom, and even give it an air of authentic professional spa. Of course, sometimes choose our towels Really perfect it may not be as simple as one would expect. There are currently innumerable options in terms of sizes and composition.

So although there are countless materials, we are going to focus on the most basic, the ones that are most used. And one of the first points that we should take into account is a factor that we consider key: its absorption capacity.

As for towels, cotton is one of the most absorbent tissues that we can find, while microfiber towels are usually a more interesting option for those who seek a lighter and more comfortable option to carry on.

If you are wondering what is the best option for you, we invite you to continue reading.

Spike towel

Toweling games: types and sizes

There are many types of towels. In the case of bath towels, everything will depend on our needs and the use we want to give it. Today we are going to focus on the aforementioned cotton and microfiber towels, also talking about its different sizes.

If we start talking about the biggest bath towels, they are ideal for all those people who enjoy wrapping themselves in a good towel to dry after a bath or a shower (especially in winter!). Regardless of later also using a bathrobe.

A medium -sized bath towels are usually the most useful and practical for day to day. Sometimes there is a habit of ending them also using them to dry our hands, and by their size they are also usually large enough to cover and wrap our waist or hair.

Eden towel 400 grams in black

As for bath towels, it is essential that they be truly absorbent. And of course, these towels must be washed much more frequently, due to a simple matter of hygiene.

Face towels are usually the smallest of all, and it is not surprising that they are often made with hypoallergenic cotton of great softness. It is important to use these small towels only for a single part of the body, also due to hygiene.

As we said, microfiber towels are ideal when traveling, since apart from keeping a great relationship in terms of fast absorption capacity, if we fold them well, they really occupy very little space. They are also highly recommended to use as gym towels. They are usually somewhat smaller than the usual bath towels.

We could also mention beach towels, but these would be a separate case. Although more or less may coincide in measures, they are usually made with different materials (although they also usually include cotton). This is because its main objective is not to take too much space in our beach bag, as well as offer a faster drying and to remove the sand as simple as possible.

In Llartextil we have a wide assortment of games of towels. Surely you find several that are your liking, but in the case of not doing so, or if you simply want to make your own selection, we also encourage you to combine and train your own towel game in the most original and unique way.

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