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7 Better sleep infusions

Very often we insist on the importance of to rest well. And is that according to the Spanish Sleep Society, the main sleep disorder is insomnia, suffering it according to statistics more than 20% of the population, and affecting women more than men. But beyond studies and statistics, surely we know cases of people with problems to rest, and more specifically to reconcile sleep. We may even suffer it.

Infusions to sleep

If the problem is not solved and maintained over time (or even more), it will end up affecting us in virtually all facets of our life. Before resorting to a professional to help us or end up taking medication (which should always be our last resort and very controlled by a specialist), it is worth trying some natural infusions.

Infusions from natural herbs do not have such a strong impact on our body, so they are safe.

The best infusions to sleep better


Valerian is one of the first infusions in which we all think when we seek to rest better. It is ideal when reducing anxiety, because it acts as a very soft sedative that will help us relax. It could be one of the most indicated to help us fall asleep faster.


Lavender also stands out significantly for its multiple properties. With very little we can notice that it calms us and that helps us sleep better. It is also common to use it to relieve cough or in case of colds, being able to take both children and adults.


One of the best known infusions when relaxing our nerves. It has less power than the Valerian, but precisely because of that it is recommended if we want to take it well in advance when sleeping. It will help us to relax and it is very easy to find.


The passionate is another infusion that is ideal to combat insomnia, since it makes the effect of natural relaxing. It is especially recommended if apart from sleeping problems, we are suffering headaches, migraines or tachycardia.


Poppy is much more than a beautiful flower, it also has many benefits if it is taken as an infusion. Not only does it help to combat insomnia and mild respiratory problems, it is also ideal if we have a throat pain.


If someone can snatch the throne from the tila, that is the chamomile. Ideal to take when you get home, regardless of the schedule. And it is not only helping us to rest better and be calmer, but also has multiple benefits on our health, such as helping to reduce inflammations or balance cholesterol.

Luisa grass

Luisa grass is a perfect infusion to calm the nerves and to clarify our mind, something very important not to take concerns to bed. His only inconvenience, unlike the rest, is that they should not take pregnant women.

Sweetening our infusions

Sometimes it may be the case that we are fortunate to find the ideal infusion to easily reconcile sleep, and yet its flavor does not just convince us or directly dislike. How can we sweeten or change the taste of some of these infusions? The most common is to use honey. We also have other options such as agave syrup or rice molasses. If we are more to take sugar but we do not want to consume it at night (or we want to limit it in general), it will always be healthier to use panela, more nutritious and natural than white sugar. Some of these infusions can also be combined with lemon with good results.

These infusions can help us rest better, but it is very important to take into account the root of the problem. Normally, if we find it hard to reconcile the dream, we are likely to adjust something in our day to day and in our lifestyle.

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