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Ideas to give this Christmas

We are in a very atypical year, in which we do not know what will hold for 2021.

The COVID-19, has made us not enjoy 100% of all events, celebrations and parties, but it will let us enjoy, on a small scale and being very responsible, of our relatives in the next celebration: Christmas.

Christmas is the best time of the year to strengthen ties with the people we want, but also to surprise those who have been part of our lives throughout a year.

These dates serve us to thank us that they have made us smile, jump for joy or lift our mood in the worst moments. And there is our family, our partners, the best friends, the coworkers, teammates ...

Therefore, giving a gift must be much more than a mere commitment. In Llartextile, we know that giving is an art that has to do with love and love. For that reason, we leave you a list of ideas to give to your loved ones.

Here we leave you a list of ideas with the best products to give home textile this Christmas.

The best gifts

Something that is triumphing a lot in recent years, are the Nordics. An insured success is ours Nordic Duo Tamarit Beige, a product that provides great softness and a very pleasant touch. The quality of its 180 -wire fabric, ensures great durability and garment resistance. Available in several measures!

If what you are looking for is something more childish, we show you one of our best sellers: the Dino Plants Nordic bag. It consists of 4 pieces: the 45x110cm pillow cover, the 90x190+24cm sack, the filling and droplet 90x190+24cm.

Its so fun design will fall in love with the little ones without a doubt.

On the other hand, if you want to bet on something more classic and simple, our Gray Agge, is your best option. It brings clarity and elegance to your bedroom with this type of so clean and neutral designs.

Another option that we propose is the Lyon Colcha, this time white. It is a pre-lavated quilt with stitching in the form of a picture, elegant and current. Available in various colors, solid washed and easy maintenance

Finally, in terms of bedding, one of our favorites is the Lulu In beige color.

Something that is very fashionable lately too, are soft touch blankets. In our case, we have a wide catalog where you can choose the one you like most in touch and aesthetics. Here are two examples:

Manta Iris Avellana

An ideal blanket for cold winter days, since its reverse is from Sherpa, also known Borreguito. It is a very comfortable garment that maintains body heat perfectly.

Manta Velvelo Celeste List

It is the ideal complement to the bed. It brings warmth and design to the bedroom. Its striking color is solid to washing, so you don't have to worry about discoloration.

Give bath garments

The bathroom has to be last. How to get it? Very easy! With the products of that we leave you next.

The Shagy Celeste carpet It's great to give a modern touch to the bathroom.

Leaving the shower and stepping on this fabulous mat, is one of those indescribable pleasures.

If you want to go together with the bathroom carpets, you can not miss the Eden Blue. A 100 % high quality cotton curl shelter and a 450 grams weight. Of spongy and pleasant touch with great absorption capacity.

Something that will also highlight and give life to your bathroom, are hands. In this case, the Jacquard towelsIt is ideal to give him that vitality and elegance to cleaning. They are available in several colors!

Home decor

On the other hand, you are many who ask us about our Roller blinds. They are a success!

We have several measures and colors, so you can choose the hindrance that best suits your needs. It allows the passage of sifted light at all times. It is an ideal complement if you want to flee from the classic curtains of a lifetime.

Finally, a very Christmas detail is ours Cojín Reno of Don Cotton. A fun cushion that will give that more cuqui touch to your space.

What do you think of our proposal? Tell us what you are looking for and we will help you delighted.

Go into And make your Christmas list. Run they fly!

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