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Ideas to refresh the house in summer

With the arrival of heat and high temperatures there are many who begin to devise strategies to refresh their homes and keep them at an adequate temperature. Needless to say, it is uncomfortable to spend hours in a hot place and disgust.

The main problem of overheating, whether we spend many hours away from home or inside it, is that by keeping the windows closed and the blinds descended for most of the day, the sun's rays that directly affect the walls make them concentrate more and more heat. In this way, it becomes very difficult to feel good inside the house, rest or do any activity.

If you have air conditioning and use it at certain times of the day, it can help you reduce heat and keep your space at a pleasant temperature. However, you can also follow a series of guidelines to refresh your house in a more natural and less expensive way.

Use Night and Day Estor

The blinds, the Estor either curtains They are ideal to prevent the sun from invading the stays. It is always advisable to always ventilate the house early in the morning (about 6 or 7 in the morning) and at night, starting at 9:00 p.m. which is when the most cool. The rest of the time is advisable to use the blind and hindrance and better if it is clear tones such as white, raw or pastel colors that attract less heat.

Beware of lighting and devices that give off heat

The lights are also a heat source, not only those of your home, but also those of your technological devices. The same goes for the oven or kitchen stoves. Make a responsible use of them, otherwise, the temperature of your home will increase considerably.

Use fresh and cotton fabrics

As in winter we opt for bedding that includes flannel, fillings, wool, etc. In summer we must use fresh and light fabrics such as cotton or linen. This type of material is the most common in sets of sheets and the Summer bedspreads.

Also in the living room, the Sofas bedspreads They are really useful to protect them from any sweat stain or damage that can cause direct contact of your body with the furniture.


In addition to taking care of the space in which we live, it is very important to also take care of our body. Otherwise we can feel irritated and annoying.

That is why you must drink enough water to hydrate; Wet your feet in cold water and refresh your face or neck if you feel too heat. Wear fresh and cotton clothes and after the shower, use absorbent towels either microfiber towel Let the moisture dry well and make you feel a little better.

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