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SHEET GUIDE: Choose the fabric and the perfect style for your bed

Sleep with some Quality sheets It is the starting point to have a great rest night. Not only will they give us a feeling of comfort and comfort throughout the night, but also helps create a better atmosphere and decorate our bedroom.

Of course, not all sheets are the same. And one of the main differences we will find in the materials. There our tastes, our preferences come into play and of course the temperature it makes in our area according to the time of year. These are the best materials that our sheets can be composed:

Of perch

The scoring is soft and breathable. It is also known as Egyptian cotton, since the longest cotton is cultivated in the Nile.

Nail Percel sheets They are ideal when we want to be warm at night, but keeping our bed breathable. His fabric is really light, in addition to very durable. One of its main characteristics is that, if we take care of its fabric, its texture is improving over time, instead of deteriorating.

Nail Egyptian cotton sheets They will automatically confer a touch of elegance in the room, since it is also a cloth that does not wrinkle so much, giving another aspect to our bed.

Of satin

Do you want to quickly turn your bedroom into a great hotel bed? Nail Satén sheets They are the best option. We could say that as with the percal, it is a fabric made with first quality Egyptian cotton, but unlike the previous one, it presents an even softer and silky texture.

They are great to protect themselves from the cold, since the fabric is more compact and better retains our body heat, offering us a sense of warmth and comfort throughout the night. It also does not wrinkle easily, so you can choose not to iron them and without specific care without any problem. They are extremely elegant, to the point that you will know bad even cover them with a quilt and not leave them in view.

Percel sheet

Curl cotton

The Curly cotton sheets 100% cotton are made, but they are really soft, even comparable to flannel sheets. This is achieved thanks to two very specific processes: a special brushing and washing. The result is noted.

These sheets better retain the heat than the perhaps, without becoming as warm as those of Satén. They maintain their great breathability, so they are a great option to keep them throughout the year.

In addition, curly cotton sheets have that timeless touch that manages to fit and improve virtually any decorative style.

Take care of the fabric

Usually the sheets are quite simple to maintain, being able to wash by machine, without the need to wash in dry or use special detergents. According to the tissue, we can use cold or warm water or a more liquid detergent. It is better to avoid softeners, as well as bleaching products, because they could damage the color of the fabric.

Taking into account these small precautions we can prolong the useful life of our sheets, ensuring that they maintain the same color as when we premiere them. The bedding can be ironed at little power if we want it to be smoother.

How often should the sheets be washed? Well, the usual thing is to wash our bedding once a week. Although there are cases in which we have dogs or cats, or if we suffer asthma or similar conditions, it would be convenient to wash them every three or four days and not wait a week. That is why it is essential to have at least two games of sheets. Better even if we have a minimum of three, to make sure we always have one clean for our bedroom.

It is always necessary to save the replacement sheets in a place to which sunlight does not directly, to prevent them from being discolored.

Keep the sheets down well hold

No matter the quality of the sheets or how pleasant they are, because if the Bajera sheet It is not well placed and released from the mattress, it will be very uncomfortable. Avoiding it is as simple as paying attention to the thickness of our mattress when buying our set of sheets or lower sheet. There are people who buy larger sizes to make sure they cover their mattress, but if the size is excessive, in the end they will be loose and they will also be disrupted. It is worth taking the trouble to measure our mattress and check the size of the lower sheet. Ah, and you have to avoid using dryers at too much power with our sheets because they cannot end up shrinking!

In any case, if we already have our sheets and we have no intention of changing them or renewing the mattress in the short term, an intermediate solution would be to use clips in the four corners. It is a fairly effective way to make sure that the lowering sheet does not leave.

If you are valuing to buy a new sheet of sheets, do not hesitate to check the assortment of Llar bedding, which includes satin, percral and curly cotton. Choose a complete game or make your own combination by combining the pillow case, the countertop sheet and the lowering sheet.

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