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5 Tips for Autumn (Super Cozy)

Put your house ready for the autumn season with these easy ideas to incorporate.

Despite the sadness of saying goodbye to summer, even if you do not believe it is something really cozy in the fall: fresh air, the majesty of the leaves falling, the cups of hot chocolate and the boots to the knees.

While the temperatures go down and your desire to hibernate upload, take the opportunity to make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible. We leave you our decoration ideas, fast and easy!

Despite how sad it is to say goodbye to summer, there is something deliciously cozy in autumn: fresh air, the glowing foliage, the hot cider mugs and the return of the boots to the knee. As temperatures lower and increase the desire to hibernate, take advantage of the station to make your home as cozy and comfortable as possible. Here are our easy and fast autumn decoration ideas.

Textured pillows AUTUMN

Change the freshest summer fabrics for thicker fabrics and texture: silky velvets, Sherpa, among others. The Sofa cushions They are a great option to make big changes without having to make a great reform. We love the finish of the velvet cushion and its daring color explosion.

Cojin Mist

A hairy blanket

You indispensably need some Mantas for sofa Y Bed blankets. It's never too late to acquire a good blanket! Some of the great pleasures of autumn are to curl up unlimitedly in a large blanket, with a good book, watching television or simply talking to your loved ones.

Imagine how cozy a sofa blanket is in your living room.

Manta Flou Beige

A vibrant carpet

A bad habit we have is to say goodbye to bright colors for the arrival of autumn.

Adding a new carpet in your living room is a great way to make your cabin a much more alive place.

Nothing creates an environment as cozy as fire, but an option that has nothing to envy is candles. Place and distribute all your candles everywhere -along the fireplace, at your tables or even in your windows. Do not forget to include an aromatic option, such as these relaxing candles, Will raise your comfort moments!

Mediterrenea candle

Autumnal atmosphere

Insert the outside inside (literally). Fill a jug with a bouquet of leaves with autumn colors and with a branch of wheat stems. Another idea can be a wooden bowl with pumpkins and acorns. Combine the atmosphere of your home with adequate bedding as a good Nordic case bed 150 Really autumn, you will not disappoint the result!


Even if you do not believe it, developing a uniform design of the home in all spaces manages to establish incalculable tranquility, on the contrary if we deprive ourselves of putting the same emphasis on all areas unconsciously we will live bewildered.

A good option are BAVABO towels Zero Twist, who have really valid colors for any season. Simply wrap yourself in sensations and let yourself be carried away by comfort with your magnificent softness.

If you really want to unify your stay supply of the Full bath towel set Zero Twist

Available in 7 colors:


We feel deep and fundamentally that we all deserve better comfort in our home. That is why we fully identify with customers. We value having a place to find beautiful and ridiculously comfortable home articles at honest prices.

We encourage anyone to dress their home to her taste and at a reasonable price.

Our motto is that your home is a blank canvas and an extension of yourself

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