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6 costumes for Halloween with your savannas

There is nothing as classic as using a bed sheet To prepare a Halloween costume Really homemade. And is that Halloween Not only is it a special day, in general for the little ones in the house, but it can also be the perfect excuse to renew our sheets and give those last use to those sheets Ancient that we have piled up in the closet and thus make costumes for Halloween, basically because it gives us some shame.

So do not speak anymore, today it is time to make space in our bedroom, something that is always appreciated, and prepare our Halloween costumes Homemade with love, not the typical bought and depersonalized that everyone carries. Surely you dare to the point of ending up preparing costumes even for you and not just for children!

Superhero with cape

For the little ones, Halloween, like any other occasion, is nothing more than an excuse to be able to disguise. And what costume always worship children? Of course, that of a superhero. It does not fail. It doesn't matter what character it is, whether existing or invented, the important thing is that you carry your layer. His imagination will do the rest. They simply love. And depending on his age and tastes, we can give the costume a slightly more macabre touch.

This type of costumes, in which the primary is the layer, are ideal if the sheets that we intend to retire with honors are some color. It is not necessary to complicate much sewing, the important thing is that the neck hitch is sure for the child. If we do not want to complicate much or are very small children, we can easily complement the layer with a joint sleeves (from the same sheet).


It is very likely that the sheets that we are going to take advantage of are white or raw tones. In these shades, or even other than others, another simple, practical option and with many possibilities is to do a toga. An ancient Greek divinity, a scholar ... the toga would be the protagonist, being able to add accessories to taste. As in the previous case, more terrifying details can be added (blood, paintings ... a vindictive evil God?). With a torch, a crown or even a sword, it will be a great costume.


The classic par excellence. With a white sheet, cover and cut to adjust the measure, leaving two holes at the height of the eyes to see. Optionally we can draw a mouth, although sometimes it is more shocking not to do it. With a flashlight or chains that are dragging, it will be a safe success. Optionally you can cut the lower part to end on tip. In any case, the years do not pass for this costume.


This costume is another great classic, although it is a bit more laborious than the previous one. Although not as much as it seems! To prepare our mummy costume, we will cut our old sheets into strips as long as possible. It is not necessary to completely cover our body with the bandages. In fact, if we cover ourselves too much we may be overwhelmed or even cost us a little walk and move. We can take advantage of the parts of our skin that are outdoors even to paint them black, green or purple.

It is also important to divide the part of the lower part of the upper part, so that it is comfortable in case we have to remove a moment or go to the bathroom. With respect to the upper part, in the head, we can strive more and expose only the eyes.

Optionally we can add some "blood" dyeing or splashing part of the sheets.


There are people who like to break everything. An original way to do it is to make an angel suit for Halloween. With a sheet we can make a suit similar to that of the toga, although much shorter (of course always to taste who takes it). The costume would be complemented with wings and a halo, which we can make ourselves with the sheets (and quite glitter) or buy directly in a costume store. How about a sinister or bloody angel?

Terrifying cook

With a little care, we can prepare a sinister chef suit very easily. We will use the sheets to prepare a great chef apron, which of course we will have “blood” stained. On this occasion we will have to sew yes or yes, so since we are, if we encourage ourselves we can make the hat with our own sheets (it is not as difficult as one would expect), but if we will not use any chef hat, and be normal or a costume store. You can not miss any knife or kitchen utensil equally bloody to give that touch!

Many of these costumes, not to say everyone, will be great for a “sack” (which children will try to fill with sweets and candies). And what better I get than a pillowcase What have we reuse?
As we always say, the limit puts your imagination.

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