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6 tips to order your closet

Are you one of those people who find peace and certain tranquility being in an orderly environment? If so, surely you usually think about how to order your closet. And of course, how to keep your sheets, your blankets, your Ederedons or your towels. In short, how to keep your home clothes. And although we have enough space, sometimes a challenge is to keep our closet ordered and classified.

Our home clothing closet, which can often be distributed in several according to each home, is where we store all the linens (including our sets of sheets, ours Reconcoves, Nordic fillings...), towels and tablecloths. It is also that place where we keep Pillows Y Ederedons additional, the Beach towels For summer, tablecloths, napkins and roads for those more special occasions ...

Depending on space and if we have a stay dedicated exclusively to it, we can even have the baskets for dirty clothes, detergent, iron ... even reserves of soap, gel, shampoo or toothpaste that we do not want to have in the sight in the bathroom.

Moreover, there are people who even allocate a room to have everything stored, even keeping training items, such as weights, yoga mats ... or even diapers or pet products. Each home has its needs. In some houses this part is integrated with the washing area, in the pantry or in a bathroom.

It all depends on the available space. It is a kind of home disaster drawer, which we are going to try not to be so disaster.

Tips for organizing our closet

Make an inventary

When we start with everything we have in the closet to proceed to order it, the first thing we must do is a small inventory. We will take advantage not only to clean, but to throw some things that surely do not work for us. Surely you can donate some older pieces and gain space. And those sheets with spots that do not go or stipulated, which we ultimately keep "just in case", it is time to retire them. The rule is simple: if you have not used them in two years, the safest thing is that you will never use them. Get rid of them.

It is also a good idea to try to classify, first on paper, depending on seasons and sizes (especially if we have young children at home).

Fold everything folding

The sheets, the towels, the comforters, the blankets ... the next step once we have all the shelves and the very clean shelves, it is stacked in the most orderly way possible everything stackable. It is a pretty cumbersome step, but once we have everything folded we will have removed a good part of our work and everything will begin to take shape.

We have to be practical. If we usually change the sheets, it is important to have them more accessible. If we take longer to change the Colchas waves Nordic cases, these can be in the background.

Whenever possible, it will be interesting to divide all the shelves to have everything ordered. And remember that stacking well, is ordering well.

It combines and complements

Do you have bedding that is impossible to combine with each other? Then you will never find the time to use it. Take the opportunity to acquire sheets of sheets, Nordic covers, blankets, bedspreads, etc. that combine and complement with the bedding we already have. If we do not, we will end with loose parts that we will storing but that we will hardly end up using.

Each feather flock together

Nothing to fill random holes. Since we are making the effort to order our closet, let's do it meaning. It doesn't matter that we usually take care of changing home clothes, it must remain intuitively ordered for anyone. And for this it is necessary to organize and place in groups (bedding with bedding, towels with towels ...).


It is normal that there are things that we use more frequently than others. They may be towels, Albornoces spare, sets of sheets... Obviously they must be very accessible and "remain in the front row." Let's leave the lower holes or the rear parts for what we only use promptly. The same if we use this space to store hygiene or cleaning products.

Tags are your allies

Do not have repairs to make use of labels, because they are for that. If we have a very large space, it is easy to forget the order of things, and there is nothing as tedious as having to withdraw everything we have ordered to go looking. There is nothing like using and setting small labels not to forget where we have things.

We hope that these little tips are useful and help you maintain a certain order in your closets!

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