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Bedding Measures Guide

Correctly choose the appropriate measures of our linens It's fundamental. That is why we want to leave you a complete guide of bedding measures. Because if we choose an incorrect size, we will feel as uncomfortable as when we buy a lower size shirt and we are small.

It is not an aesthetic issue, but something that really influences our rest (and we do not call ourselves to deceive, it is also a matter of ease and comfort when placing it).

So we are going to break down the dimensions of the sheets and of the Ederedons more common in order to share ideas of style taking into account details such as the size of our mattress or the rhythm of our lives.

As we always remind you, first cotton fabrics would be at the top of quality.


Bed measurement guide

Individual bed or twin: This measure can be 80 cm. or 90 cm. wide, by 1.8 m./1.9 m./2 m. long

Double bed: The standard marriage bed usually has a width ranging from 1.35 m. at 1.5 m., with a start that varies from 1.9 m. at 2 m.

Queen Size: This would be the next size level, with measures between 1.75 m. / 1.8 m. wide by 1.90 m. / 2 m. long

King Size: And for those who prefer an extra space and comfort, we would go directly to the “King Size” option with a size of 2x2 meters.

Another important detail that should be taken into account and that is often not contemplated is the thickness of the mattress. The reference measures are approximate, so it is always preferable to measure it on our own manually. This aspect will influence the fall of the comforter or textile with which we want to cover our bed. For example, if we like to fall to the ground, we will always have to add a few centimeters of more.

Measures Guide

Here we leave you a guide of measures to be able to choose easily:

Measures guide BOUTY AND CLATES

  • 80/90 cm bed: 185x270 cm.
  • 105 cm bed: 200x270 cm.
  • 135/140 cm bed: 235x270 cm.
  • 150/160 cm bed: 250x270 cm.
  • 175/180/200 cm bed: 280x270 cm.

Measures guide Nordic cases

  • 80/90 cm bed: 160x260 cm.
  • 105 cm bed: 190x260 cm.
  • 135/140 cm bed: 220x260 cm.
  • 150/160 cm bed: 250x260 cm.
  • 175/180 cm bed: 260x260 cm.
  • 2 -meter bed: 290x260 cm.

Measures guide Ederedons

  • Bed 80/90/105 cm.: 180x260 cm.
  • 135/140 cm bed: 235x260 cm.
  • 150/160 cm bed: 250x260 cm.
  • 175/180 cm bed: 270x260 cm.
  • 2 -meter bed: 290x260 cm.

Measures guide for blankets

  • 80/90 cm bed: 160x240 cm.
  • 105 cm bed: 180x240 cm.
  • 135/140 cm bed: 220x240 cm.
  • 150/160 cm bed: 240x240 cm.
  • 175/180 cm bed: 260x240 cm.
  • 2 -meter bed: 280x240 cm.

Measures guide for Countertops

  • 80/90 cm bed: 160x270 cm.
  • 105 cm bed: 180x270 cm.
  • 135/140 cm bed: 210x270 cm.
  • 150/160 cm bed: 240x270 cm.
  • 175/180 cm bed: 270x270 cm.
  • 2 -meter bed: 290x270 cm.

Measures guide for Lowering sheets

  • 80/90 cm bed: 90x190/200 cm.
  • 105 cm bed: 105x190/200 cm.
  • 135 cm bed: 135x190/200 cm.
  • 150 cm bed: 150x190/200 cm.
  • 180 cm bed: 180x190/200 cm.
  • 2 -meter bed: 200x200 cm.

Measures guide Pillows

  • 80/90 cm bed: 45x110 cm. or 50x90 (petaca)
  • 105 cm bed: 45x125 cm.
  • 150 cm bed: 45x170 cm. / 50x85 cm. / 50x80 cm. (Petaca)
  • 175/180/200 cm bed: 45x100 cm. / 50x90 cm. (Petaca)

We hope this guide is useful!

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