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Errors when using and washing towels

We all see daily using towels. However, we could often be making some important mistakes that affect our hygiene, and that, consequently, could also end up directly affecting our health. At least the doctor assured it Kerry Lebonger Some time ago to Business Insider.

Leberger, a doctor specializing in allergies and immunology in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey, has more than 25 years of experience on his back, and explained a series of errors that we often make when we use bath towels.

Wash the towels

Errors we make when washing the towels

Let us not forget that the towels are conceived precisely to dry and maintain hygiene, but it is true that if we are not careful and make good use of them, they can end up accumulating dirt, dust, bacteria, hair and even mites. That is why it is essential to take care of them correctly to avoid allergies, possible irritations in our skin or other more serious problems.

Dr. Kerry Lebonger began referring to the mistakes we usually make precisely by drying. According to his investigations, the right thing would be, after a shower or a bathroom, always dry up down, starting with the head and ending by the feet. And according to him, in this way we will avoid spreading the bacteria of our body, which always abound more in the lower area.

Wash the towels

How often do we have to wash our towels?

Regarding the times we use the same towel to dry ourselves, Leberger states that it would be advisable to try to dry us twice in a row with the same towel. The ideal is to have at least a couple of them in the sink in order to alternate from one to another.

And when hanging the towels? He considers that the best option is to use a bar to hang them extended, instead of a hitch. In this way they will dry better and faster, avoiding excess moisture accumulation. And whenever possible, let them dry outdoors.

And now comes a especially delicate point that we know that many people overlook. Once we have given use to the towels and are to wash, never, never, we must leave them wet next to the rest of the dirty clothes. If we do this, the only thing we are going to achieve will be to contribute to the appearance of bacteria and germs that will end up spreading from the towels to the rest of the garments. It is better to let them dry first and then put them in the basket of dirty clothes.

Wash the towels

What if we have only used our towels only once but we notice that they have been smelling smell like moisture? Well direct to the washing machine! As it is. In one case or another, the ideal would be to wash them every two or three days to maintain good hygiene. And when washing them, another fairly widespread error is to introduce excess detergent. If we are using a good detergent, with a small amount it will be not only enough than enough, but the towels will be better than if we exceed. And if we want to eliminate bacteria as naturally as possible, there is nothing like adding a little vinegar when we go washed.

According to Lebenger, it is also advisable to wash our towels with hot water, adding some disinfectant and then dry them with a drying machine. Although we always defend doing it outdoors whenever possible!

In summary, if we let our towels end up filling with bacteria, what we will do is give enough extra work to our own immune system. And the poor person already has enough!

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