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Choose the perfect paint palette for your bedroom

The bedroom It is a space in the house where we spend more than a third of the day. Not only is it a place to sleep but it is also an ideal space to read, study, listen to music, make yoga, etc. That is, it is a space where relax.

But to lower day -to -day revolutions and get disconnect It is also necessary that the space that surrounds us transmits us peace of mind. One of the aspects that most influence our mood is the color of the walls of the room. We usually choose a white or neutral color to decorate the walls but, you can also find a very subtle pastel palette that, in addition to giving your bedroom a different touch, will also influence your mood.

What are the suitable colors to paint your bedroom? These are our proposals:

  • Beige or light gray tones: They are a sure success because you can combine them with any type of furniture and decorative element of your bedroom. In addition, it gives more play to combine this color with a wide variety of colors and fabrics in your bedding: Summer Colcha or Winter Colcha, Set of sheets, pillow covers Y Plaids. Even with more stamped and living designs.
  • MINT GREEN TONE: The green color inspires vitality and energy but this tone is a bit more "off" since it has gray -toned brushstrokes. Therefore, a color like this in your bedroom will provide the perfect balance.
  • Blue blue tone: The clearest blue tone has positive effects on our nervous system as it helps us regulate stress and helps us sleep better. A study that he did Travelodge, The English hotel chain.

And, it is curious because the darkest tone of this color, even the blue light to which we are exposed when we use our electronic devices before we go to bed produces more stress, the blue sky reminds us of the sea and gives us a lot of serenity.

  • The yellow color: Although it has always been thought that it is a stimulating color, if we use the clearest shades of this color we produce in our body a relaxation effect that will help us rest or do activities that require concentration. You can combine this color with Room curtains either Night and Day Estor In white, beige, natural.
  • The same goes for orange and red colors, that will provide you serenity if you use very pastel tones. These two colors together with yellow are colors that are not used frequently but provide optimism and vitality to a space. In addition, they can be combined with textiles with smooth or patterned raw colors and thus create a more cheerful bedroom with bohemian touches.

What are the colors that you should not use in your bedroom?

Very dark and cold colors such as purple and chocolate brown. It is also recommended to avoid colors such as black in the linens, in furniture such as the tables or in the headboard of the bed because they cause nervousness and concern.

Of all these colors, what do you think would be the most interesting for your bedroom?

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