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The art of the simple

What is simple?

Many people may think that simple is what lacks composition, which does not present complications or difficulties, but we believe it is something completely different.

In the simple reside complexity. For us, simplicity is achieved by conquering this complexity, not discarding it.

We must understand the whole process on any point to simplify it. For example, in a home, we have to understand your own nature: what is necessary or unnecessary, what use we really give you ... in order to find simplicity and calm.

The feeling of having found simplicity in one place, whether our home or another site, is that we notice that it surrenders before us, not the reverse.

It is not an easy process, it is something to work daily, paying special attention to superfluous things.

A great exercise to start a change in our lives is to clean and order our home of objects that are not used. We will gain peace, order, clean cleaning and create elegant atmospheres, without recharging and contributing the beauty of simplicity.

The reality is that less is more, and it is better to have a drawer with three games of quality towels, than an entire closet of stipulated towels or that their spongy have lost. The truth is that if the textiles of the home and the clothes are properly combined, less space is used, we are contaminated less and simplify our lives, winning something very valuable that is not bought with money: we won time!

As Hans Hoffman would say, "the ability to simplify means eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary can speak."

You have to understand that many people stay with the first impression. And it is something that does not have to be negative. For example, in a house, if the first impression is complex, it can transmit bad sensations. The really beautiful thing about a home is that a foreign person can enter and understand how everything works absolutely in that house.

Simplicity is closely linked to intuition. When something is simple, we know exactly how to use it or how to inhabit it correctly.


Let's talk about the art of simplifying to be free, of minimalism. It is a very important variant of simplicity, in the words of the creators of this lifestyle, "it is a catalyst tool to get rid of excesses."

In households, without going any further, we accumulate dozens of the so -called “just” objects, occupying a place, without utility for years, maybe even decades. After this, a deeper fear is hidden: detachment.

Understanding that we cannot store products and emotions makes us freer and more powerful. He also saves us cleaning hours, what are we going to fool ourselves. That bidé in the bathroom that has the exclusive use store dirt You put them on top you can not move for what they weigh, or the “porsis” drawer of the kitchen, with appliance instructions that we don't even have…

In short, the art of the simple is to enter the deepest of a situation or a home, in order to know the essential and thus bring out its aesthetics and beauty.

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