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Building vs Nordic case

Sometimes, the difference between a good nap or a night on which we rest badly lies in the quilt. The correct combination of Drafted and Nordic case You can make a difference in our rest. If we choose the wrong fabric, we may be cold while we sleep or on the contrary, we wake up sweating in the middle of the night. And it is that many people still make the mistake of considering the comforters as something secondary, perhaps forgetting that with the bedding we can have everything: aesthetics and comfort. Why should we settle for less?

The idea of ​​having to look for a new comforter can saturate some people a bit, especially those who are still of those who still believe that all Ederedons They are equal. Nothing further! They may not give so much game and Nordic cases, but of course they can offer us a lot of versatility, especially when marking the style. Today we are going to explain specifically what a comfort is, how the Nordic covers work and with what kind of comfort we can sleep better.

What is a picture?

While it is true that the Nordic and comforting covers are one of the most important parts of our bed, they are also the most doubts. Many people wonder what exactly a comfort is, what is a Nordic case or what is a game of Nordic covers, confusing some textiles with others.

The anatomy of this type of bedding is very simple. We could define a comforter, speaking soon, like a blanket Mullida and very padded (usually Fill of feathers, wool or some synthetic material) to keep the heat of our bed while we sleep. The comforters are a single piece, and this particular piece is the one that goes inside a Nordic case. These garments have been conceived from the beginning to be used as a complement, as with the pillow and the pillowcase.

What is a Nordic case?

As we explained, if in our example the Nordic fillings They are like the pillow, the Nordic covers would be like a pillow case. They are the part that covers the Nordic filling to keep it protected from the germs and bacteria of our own body (or also for those who enjoy eating in bed, why not say it). The comforting slides inside the case.

And since washing comforters and Colchas It can be a bit cumbersome (especially if our washing machine is small), it is much more practical, comfortable and simple to remove the Nordic case and wash it next to the rest of our sheets and covers. But apart from this advantage, you have some more!

Another important point is that many people love to change the Nordic covers according to the time of year. In summer they can prefer to use lighter fabrics, such as linen, while in the coldest months of the year they opt for more resistant tissues. In addition, some people like to combine the covers of a comforter or a blanket, offering a more complete and personalized range of colors, at the same time that they warm their bed.

Whether for a change of station or because we simply feel like giving another touch to our bedroom, it is much easier and more economical to change a Nordic case than to change the entire comforter.

How is a quilt in a quilt?

Since a lot of a priori bedding seems to have similar functions, sometimes issues arise as if using a quilt instead of a blanket, a picture ... This issue becomes special importance in the case of comforters and bedspreads. Some people are convinced that they are actually the same type of product. Others are very clear that it is not so. What are your differences?

The answer is simple. Both the comforters and the matches are shells, but the comforters are independent. On the other hand, a comforter has been designed and conceived to be used inside a Nordic case. Not a quilt is better than a quilt, not a quilt is better than a comforter. They are simply different and choose one or the other will depend on the use we want to give.

Reconcredons and Nordic, which is better?

A comforter is a great option for a person who regularly changes the decoration of her room. Because as we have mentioned previously, instead of having to buy a new quilt, which will always be more expensive, it would be enough to change the Nordic case to achieve a different appearance and sensation. And since you don't have to be washing them so much, being protected by a cover, they are easier to care for and keep in time.

In contrast with a Nordic, a comforter can be less versatile. The Nordic covers, especially if they are not well stretched, can be a bit out of use during use. And on the other hand, changing the case is still an additional step when making and preparing our bed, regardless of whether it is simple.

Nordic types

As with the comforters, the Nordics can be filled with different materials. The usual thing is that they are filled with down (or a combination of down and feathers), wool or some synthetic fiber. The down has so far a fairly popular option, despite the proceeding of ducks and geese, raises a series of ethical issues in the consumer.

The wool option is also quite common, especially for those who suffer from indoor allergies. Like hypoallergenic down alternatives, high quality wool protects against dust mites, mold and fungi. People suffering from allergies can also use a Nordic protector, which ends up acting as a barrier against allergens.

How to correctly use a Nordic case

Most of the Nordic covers that are marketed include ties, buttons or clips to keep our comforter well, thus avoiding sliding or piled up. Despite this, some people end up having problems to keep it in their place. It is worth finding out how to keep it correctly and take the trouble to do so, since it does not present greater difficulty.

At some point we may not want to complicate our lives with the Nordic case, or perhaps we have had an unforeseen event, or we have not yet dried all the bedding we wash, or it may even have surprised the heat before the expected. If you see yourself in any of these situations, you may ask if a Nordic case can be used separately. The answer is yes. A Nordic case alone is still a lighter option with an effect similar to sleeping with two joint sheets together.

It is very important to always review the measures of the bedding we buy and our own mattress, and take into account if we are using a Cabrecolchón, an Topper... If you sleep as a couple and this has the habit of taking off your sheets, you may want to buy a slightly higher size. Remember that if you increase the size of the case and use a smaller Nordic, you will give the bed an appearance and a more fluffy and spongy feeling. But if you attract a flat bed more, seek to always be the same size.

What comfortable and what Nordic do I have to buy?

It is a very personal option that only you can answer. Only you can perfectly know what kind of comforter and Nordic case they adapt better to you and your bedroom. There are currently many options to find bedding that fits perfectly with our tastes and our lifestyle, whether we have a modern, more classic house, etc. Even if you are those who have a hard time choosing, choosing a Nordic case is one of the simplest purchases we can do. Choose two and see them alternating them according to time or your mood!

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