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Women's Day: We interviewed women entrepreneurs #1

Today March 8, it is a very special day for the entire team that we form Llar. Today is the World Women's Day, and we really wanted to chat with creative and entrepreneurial women we admire, to ask them about what inspired them and what advice they would give us.

We haven't had to go very far! Today we talk to Carmiña Marco, Director of stores from LLAR.


What motivated you to start with Llar?

The fact of being a new project in a sector that, although I love it, I had not yet been lucky enough to work directly on it.

What do you think is your mission in Llar?

My main mission is to keep the team together and make sure that everyone is comfortable working in our company.

I also take care that they have all the product they need in each store. And do everything possible so that the client is encouraged to enter our stores and once inside he feels at home! Find everything you need and receive best possible treatment.

women's Day

What is your current inspiration?

Currently to renew all stores, while expanding them increasingly with more product variety. In short, establish a large chain of stores that people know and appreciate. That they know us for distributing comfort in many homes.

How do you keep your inspiration?

Constantly exchanging a lot of information and maintaining great communication with all the departments of the company.

What have been the main challenges you have faced in your career?

I think the biggest challenges are yet to come, but if I had to stay with one, a great challenge has been to prepare and mount stores that house the same amount of product in premises with different square meters.

Could you tell us about your goals and your professional goals in the long and short term?

In the short term, open about 10 more stores. In the long term, as I have said before, become a large chain of stores that stands out for its quality/price ratio. And also to strengthen more what we represent in the population: not only do we manufacture products, we also produce tools for the heart.

What advice would you give to other women who plan to start their own projects?

That the new challenges never fear! And above all, that they totally trust themselves, provided they know they are giving 100%.

The road always presents difficulties, but with perseverance, the effort is worth it.

How do you maintain balance between your professional life and your personal life?

It is important to have time for everything and know how to disconnect, the next day, get up with 100% energy. If you do not separate the professional life of personal life, you can never give everything of yourself at work.

Would you like to share some last words about your experience?

I would like to emphasize that when you do what you like, you feel done. You feel full, and every day is a new challenge. Every day offers an opportunity to learn something new. An opportunity to get up with joy, motivated to go to work. An opportunity to thank and of course, to overcome.

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