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As a consequence of the busy life we ​​carry and stress, there are many people who suffer difficulties in achieving a repair dream. You already know about the commitment of LLARTEXTIL for helping we can all rest in the best possible way. That is why today we want to talk about white noise.

What is white noise?

Technically, we could define white noise as a random signal in two different times, which do not keep a correlation but are emitted to the same power. It is known as "white noise", precisely because in the case of light, white light is the result of all combined spectrum colors. In other words, white noise is a regular, constant and totally monotonous sound.

White noise

There are people who relax and rest much better when listening to the sea. The sound of the waves, whether from the beach itself or in a recording, can help us get a better rest. In this example it would be a natural sound, but possibly you also know someone who has a habit of falling asleep with the television on. In the end, it's about having a background noise. In fact, precisely on televisions, when there is no well tuned channel, we get a clear example of white noise.

Advantages of white noise

The main advantage that gives us sleep with white background noise, is that precisely this sound will help us prevent us from listening to other noises, being easier to fall asleep and more difficult to reveal. Actually, to be precise, our ear will listen to other sounds, but our brain will not pay the same attention, when the white noise before, overlapping others. We will also verify that it also transmits a feeling of calm and relaxation.

Everything summarizes that our mind does not take into account possible acoustic stimuli (a car, the noise that a neighbor can make ...). But it is not only useful when sleeping. Through white sound we can also reach a higher level of concentration, not only when it comes to resting, also to meditate or study. At first we could do something strange, but with two or three sessions we will discover that it is a great way to avoid distractions.

White noise

Babies white noise

The use of white noise is not reduced to adults. This can also be used, and in fact it is frequently used, to calm babies and help them sleep better. There are people who seem a bit unnatural to resort to this method to sleep their babies, but in fact, when fathers and mothers try to sleep their children, they also end up singing, singing and emitting sounds as monotonous as possible to try to try to These fall asleep. In one case or another, the white noise helps a lot to make the little sleep, using themselves Even in hospitals For many years, yes, always at a very low power.

Where can we find white noise to listen?

At present it is very easy to find white noise to put ourselves in the background, as much as we can imagine, even with a multitude of variants to choose from. We can use platforms such as YouTube or Spotify to find this type of sounds. We leave you with one of many examples:

White sound against insomnia

If, unfortunately, you suffer from insomnia, no one like you to understand to what extent it ends up affecting all the facets of our lives. Before resorting to other methods, we recommend you test with white noise. In case of not convincing ourselves, we can try another type of white noise that adapts more to us before discarding it.

Of course, the same experts who advocate the use of white noise, also warn us about their possible abuse. As with everything, it is not advisable to use it in excess. If we use it to sleep or to study and we have it in the background, we can (and we should) leave it scheduled to disconnect after a while, for example of an hour.

If you try it, we would love to know your experiences!

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