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Define your student room

Being for the first time away from what we know as a home, can become intimidating. And if we add to this a low budget and quite stress, even more.

Today we are going to give you some simple, practical and economic ideas to create with little budget a quarter of students with their best potential, and also applicable even if you do not leave the family home.

It is important to distinguish the rest and study spaces well. If they are physically well differentiated, automatically our mind and body will understand what we are going to do in each area.

The size of the cabin is really indifferent, but of course, if it is a large, better space.

If a window is available, the best idea is to use this space to have a table and desk, since natural light is a simple stimulant. This support should be as clear as possible, always trying to have the drawers ordered, and on the upper board a source of lighting, a bottle of water and some plant or cactus (it is no myth, they certainly absorb electromagnetic radiation, especially cereus Peruvianus, also known as "computer cactus").

Having a clear area and in order will help our ideas and thoughts be.

Another area is the rest. It is not advisable to study in bed, both for discomfort in the position, and for lack of order and for being too associated to rest.

As for the bed, have a comfortable mattress, a pillow that properly holds the cervical and a game of cotton sheets (Sabanas 150, If it is a big better bed!), Well, it is demonstrated that due to its greater breathability, it helps to have a better rest. A pleasant, light bed that invites us to rest, is essential. They do not do so much the hours of study and having a good hygiene guideline at rest. Sleeping orderly and resting deeply will help to settle the knowledge acquired better.

The mattress toppers They are a great option to give your mattress a second life.

On the other hand, curtains of a pleasant color, with its curtain bar, or a night and day hindrance, to let the light pass, with soft or neutral tones, it is another consideration to take into account.

What would be the best color to study? Of course chromotherapy bets on yellow color. What is the color par excellence with which we underline? Yellow helps us memorize, enhances the intellect, sets concepts and mentally associate it with success.

It is a stimulating color. If the study and rest zone are in the same place, it would be interesting to separate both rooms in colors. A simple way to do so is to use yellow decoration for the study area, and in more bluish, white or greenish tones for rest. These little subtleties contribute to our subconscious more messages than at first glance could seem.

Another important aspect is time management. If near the study area we can put a board or slate and a clock, it will be perfect to be able to see the pending tasks and the time we are, without falling into distracting ourselves looking at the phone.

If we have to buy furniture, acquiring a sofa and can be a great idea. With pleasant covers and several cushions, you can do wonders during the day and give a complete change during rest hours.

Without a doubt, all these little tips can help you, but if you should not forget something, you will not define who you are, they are a complement that you choose. If at some point you are frustrated or decide to change something, you have the right to do it. Find the support of family and friends, don't forget that you can achieve how much you propose!

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