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Feng Shui decoration in our home

The Feng Shui (and the Decoration style Feng Shui) is an ancient Chinese philosophy that we could define as the search for balance and serenity in our lives, through the energy currents that circulate through our own homes. This millenary discipline is based on the optimization of "Chi" (our vital energy) from the five elements: earth, fire, water, metal and wood.

Its origin dates back to China more than 3,000 years ago, and its literal translation would be "feng" ("wind") and "shui" ("water"), making a clear reference to the infinite currents that flow around our world and to the influence of energies on our well -being and our health.

While it is true that this definition can be a bit strange or even mysterious, the reality is that applying the philosophy proposed by Feng Shui in our house is something much simpler than one would expect. The objective is to have a more harmonious, more balanced, more orderly and more aesthetic home. In short, healthier.

The wonderful of Feng Shui It lies precisely in its simplicity, always highlighting its ability to influence our own mood. More than a discipline, we could (and we should) consider it an art: the art of locating and reuseting everyday objects that help flow the energies that can affect all facets of our lives.

Feng Shui decoration

Applying Feng Shui in each room of our home

According to Feng Shui, each home has its own energy, just as it happens with the people who live in it. So what is mainly to seek the best harmony in the environment. The FEGHII rules are based on the search for the balance of the five elements mentioned. Each of these elements comes to represent qualities such as wisdom, internal growth, creativity ...

We are going to talk more carefully about each of them!

Feng Shui style decoration: Earth element

This revitalizing element is directly related to physical strength, but also with balance and our mental stability. To incorporate it into our house, we can some of the walls in colors with earth -colored shades, mainly light colors, as well as add decorative details such as landscape inspiring photos.

Feng Shui style decoration: wood element

In Feng Shui, wood symbolizes vitality, creativity and also internal growth. Its colors are green and blue. When decorating with this element, it is interesting to imitate natural forms such as trees, leaves or flowers.

Feng Shui style decoration: water element

Water is the element that comes to symbolize spirituality. If we want to apply this element in our home, we can do it using mirrors, as well as sources (if they are made of stone or similar, with asymmetric shapes, better than better). In the case of mirrors and sources, their size is secondary. The important thing is that they transmit a feeling of peace and relaxation.

Feng Shui style decoration: fire element

Fire is the one that controls our passions, our energy, our dedication and day -to -day transformation. We can decorate with colors such as red, pink or purple, play with lighting and of course, add candles.

Feng Shui style decoration: metal element

Metal is the element that is related to effectiveness and logic. Metal elements, especially those with spherical forms, will help enhance our productivity.

Feng Shui

Through these simple decoration tips we can begin to incorporate Feng Shui in our home in a simple way. Surely we want to deepen more!

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