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Give color to your space without painting the walls

When we think about giving a touch of luminosity or color to a room, the first thing that can come to mind is to give it a new layer of paint. But what if we don't have time or simply do not feel like painting the walls?

Today we are going to see how to give a touch of color to any room of our house using decorative and house clothing elements, without having to use a brush or roller!

Depending on the part of our home that we want to revitalize, we will focus on the following sections, always with the possibility of combining them:


Would you like to give a touch of color but also personality to your bedroom? Then you should put aside the typical bedding of the same color (usually white), and opt for combinations like this:

A Multiusos Bari plaid in marine water, a blank cotton kaia quilt, a white and blank day and a game of savannas oxford also combining in marine water.

Elements that stand out

There are details and decorative elements that impact and transmit different sensations. For example, in our bedroom, we can replace the typical alarm clock at night with a more original design (perhaps somewhat more vintage, or quite the opposite, the most modern). And a figure or vase? Great, but it is with a daring design and that attracts attention! And the books? Surely you have at least a couple of books that at the time changed the way you perceive life. Why don't you look for your best edition? Hard and colorful cover, so that it really looks and is part of that corner.

Colorful art

If for any reason we do not want or cannot paint the walls of a more striking color, we can make a touch of color simply hanging pictures that stand out, with vibrant colors. For example, a picture that stands out in yellow charrtuse, can give a lot of life to stays in gray colors. The limit is in our imagination!

Inside plants

Simple plants are not only able to convey peace and tranquility, but also have the ability to provide color and life instantly in any room. Depending on the space we have, we can place from high plants in tiny pots on a table, to flowers in the window, passing through more forceful cactus in a bureau. Of course, that are always natural!

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