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Create your 3 -step chillout zone

When we move to a new house, we adapt it or even when we make a reform of it, we always take into account the necessary basic spaces: the bedrooms, the bathrooms, the kitchen, the living room ... however we often end up forgetting a Equal important area: The relaxation zone. That is why today we are going to talk about the importance of having an area Chillout at home and how to prepare it easily.

In general, not only perceive that our house encourages us to relax, but also to invite our relatives and guests to do it. That is why it is worth trying to introduce an area especially conceived for this purpose. And where do we do it? Well, each house is literally a world, with a different space and distribution. But today we will try to discover that finding a special corner that invites you to eliminate stress can be easier than you can expect.

In the garden, in a room, in the attic, on the porch, on the terrace, on the balcony ... there are no excuses. Of course, we have to prepare this stay depending on the space we have, whether we are going to locate it inside or outside the house (more summer oriented) and our budget. Of course, the essence will always be the same, invariably: relax solo or in company, with a quiet place in which to listen to music or speak quietly, take our favorite drink ... In short, disconnect and enjoy.

Remember that the most important thing is not whether we buy more or less expensive furniture. The fundamental thing is to find the ideal place. The perfect place. And based on that exact area, we can give it a more zen touch, perhaps more relaxing or I could more dynamic.

Chillout Zone

Creating your chillout zone: a day bed

If we are going to install our Chillout zone inside the house, it will be great to take advantage of a very bright window to install a day bed. We can actually buy a to measure for this purpose, or we can also reuse a bed that we already have. The important thing is to ensure that it is spongy and that it has the most comfortable cushions (then we will deepen them).

If we have enough space in that area or room, we can even use a marriage bed. Children will love and encourage them to carry out activities such as lying to chat, play, rest ... dare and look for blankets and Nordic covers that stand out and give them a texture and an extra life.

Creating your chillout zone: playing with the sofas

As we said before, depending on our space and our budget, we will adapt in one way or another. We can also place a spacious Chaise Longue sofa, in combination or replacing the day bed. But if we have to adapt or want to achieve a different effect, we can also take advantage cushions and mats. And it is difficult to get tired of them! If we place them in the form of "L", almost by magic they will invite to chat.

And what about those armchairs and those sofas that we are no longer going to use in the living room but that in the background knows us badly to be so comfortable? Nothing like good Sofas covers To give them a second life and reuse them in our Chillout area.

As a general rule the star color for these areas is usually white, but we can always prepare it according to our tastes.

Creating your chillout zone: cushions, many cushions

No matter what style we use, if there is something that is truly basic and indispensable in our Chillout area are the cushions. Cushions, many cushions! Here the tastes of each person also play an important factor, but the ideal is to use smooth cushions in clear tones. For our part we cannot stop recommending you to flood your new stay with Don Cotton cushions. The Piping In beige color, in gray or in heaven they will succeed.

Don Cotton cushions for your chillout zone

In the event that our Chillout area is indoor, it may be interesting to combine cushions with Colored curtains They fit. Colors that set the difference in that area and make it special. Let's get your whole home to your home!

If you are thinking of creating your Chillout area at home or if you have already done it, we will love to know your experience and your ideas.

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