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10 tips for our guest bathroom

When we have guests at home, we want them to feel, as far as possible, as comfortable as if they were at home. Although sometimes getting it can be a challenge. Today we are going to talk about some small tricks and tips to improve our room guest bath.

Because its size does not matter, it matters that a point as personal as the bathroom can be for guests makes the people we are hosts feel really comfortable. And as a general rule, toilets or bathrooms for our visits are usually much smaller than the bathroom rooms for usual use. But that is no excuse for not just as functional, pleasant and warm.

Nor does it matter if it is a visit that is only going to be a few moments or a relative or friend who will stay more than a week. A guest is a guest and we have to convey that our bathroom is totally available for use, as well as that you have everything that may need (and of course, that it is simple to order and clean, so you have no qualms about doing so ).

Guest bathroom

Most importantly, towels

We can say without fear of being wrong that towels are the most important element. Since it is a secondary bathroom reserved for these special visits, and that as a rule we will not use so often, it is highly advisable to use good quality towels. There is nothing as cozy as beautiful towels in tones that combine well with the decoration of our bathroom. Does it hard for you to decide? Let us recommend Don Cotton's Zero Twist towels, as they are a safe bet.

And if it is a bathroom as just and not a simple cleanliness, nothing like combining our towels with a bathrobe. If we check the colored range of the Zero Twist bathrobe we will discover that there cannot be a more balanced combination. Now, whenever possible, it is interesting to opt for clear tones, for two important reasons. The first is because especially in the case of towels, they are easier to wash in case of staining. The second reason is that with clear tones, the people we have as guests will have the feeling of using towels and awrokes of a hotel, feeling more comfortable when using them.

Our bathroom destined for guests must invite them to make use of it, at all levels.

Aromatic candles

Another important detail is the scented candles. We always insist on their importance and their ability to transform environments. Well, in the case of our bathroom, it will not be more to place two or three candles. In this case we will try to be the same, not to mix aromas, and a very important detail: that they are not yet to be released. It is good that our guests and invited feel that the candles are there to use them, not as a merely decorative. Otherwise, they will hardly use them.

Giving life to the guest bathroom

Do we want to give a little more life to a bathroom that we do not usually use? A good option is to resort to plants. If we do not want or cannot be very aware of their care, we can always resort to cactus that are liked.

Practical and useful furniture

The furniture has to do decoration functions at the same time: a very simple shelf, an auxiliary furniture to save another towel game that can always need us (especially if there are children). If the space allows us, we can directly place two or three games of towels in a furniture, to invite our guests (especially if they are several) to choose and separate their towels.

Hand soaps

As with the candles, we can and we must play with the Hand soaps. In this case, nothing happens if they are about to be released, but that they are out of their wrapper and ready for use. Next to them we can place disposable tooth brushes, hygienic wipes, sticks, bath salts ... Everything we can need!

And let's not forget either to leave a dryer, even if it is tiny. We hope these tips help you to have a perfect bathroom for your guests!

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