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How to keep soft towels

Is there anyone who does not love really soft and spongy towels? Because there are few pleasures in this world comparable to the fact of drying with them after a shower or a bathroom. And when they are freshly washed, better than better! Let's see how we can take care of our favorite towels to make them really keep soft and fresh.

In the first place, in the event that we have just released our towels and worried that they can release some small fluff, we have a fairly simple solution to do so: before using them for the first time, we can let them soak in water at room temperature, with A pinch of salt, also adding it a little lemon or vinegar juice.

And whenever we finish drying with them, we will leave them hanging a little so that they are not so wet, before putting them in the basket of dirty clothes. In this way we will prevent the towels from ending bad smells.


Small tricks when washing the towels

Let's see some simple tricks when washing our towels. If they already have some time behind them and we want to revitalize them, there is nothing as simple as adding some of baking soda at the time of putting them in the washing machine. Of course, when we do, let's not try to iron them later!).

With respect to the detergent that we can use to wash them, we will always try to be a soft detergent. And what about the softener? Well, it will be preferable to avoid it and not make use of any, since the softener causes the towels to decrease their absorption capacity. In addition, with the passage of time, the softener also ends them again. In the same way, it is also convenient to avoid the use of bleach.

Whenever possible, we should wash the towels with other garments of similar colors, without excessively recharging the drum of our washing machine. Of course, avoiding as much as possible to wash them next to garments with zippers or with buttons in which our towels can be hooked.

To avoid that our towels end up deforming or even being able to always wash them at temperate temperature.

Tips for drying our towels

Once we have washed our towels, the next step is to dry them. In the event that we have a dryer, this will always be the best way to dry them. It is interesting to dry them at low temperature, and even remove the towels from the dryer when they are still a bit wet.

If we do this we can hang them and air them later, achieving a great result. In any case, regardless of whether we use a dryer and then we tend them or directly do without the dryer, it is best to build them at a point where shadow and at the same time are aerated. They don't mind that they take longer to dry. If we dry them directly to the sun, then they will be more dry (let's avoid the tweezers whenever possible!).

Once they are dry, we can fold them carefully and, if we want an even more spongy and spectacular result, we can pass the towels through the iron.

If we feel like our towels have a special smell, we can always spray our favorite aroma when saving them.

If we have had the pleasure of acquiring some Good quality towels, we should take the trouble to take care of them so that they are perfect for as long as possible. With appropriate care, good towels can keep their softness and spongy texture for many years.

It is true that a higher towel may require some additional care, but we are sure that the result will be worth it.

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