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How to give a touch of warmth to our sofa

The sofa is really an extension of our own home and at the same time, a key point of our living room. Today we want to talk about how to give a touch of warmth to our sofa, making it more cozy, both for us and for the rest of the inhabitants of the house or possible guests. And it is that in these fruits and colder nights, there are few pleasures as large as the relax quietly on the sofa of our house, either to enjoy reading a good book or to watch a movie that we want.

In the first place, if our sofa already has some time behind it and already presents brands of use, or if on the contrary its status is brand new and we would like it to remain as new as long as possible, the most intelligent thing would be to seek A good sofa case custom. In the event that we live at home with pets or children, a case for the couch will also be an excellent way to keep it more protected for possible scratches, difficult stains or wear marks.

But in addition to protection or decoration, quality sofa covers also suppose another added value that sometimes ignores us: to provide that first touch of warmth. And often the direct touch with the sofa's fabric can be somewhat cold. This is something that we can change automatically covering it with a sofa case.

Have we chosen the case for our sofa based on our tastes? Brilliant! Well now we can visualize the sofa as a blank canvas on which it is possible to draw. How would we like to compose it?

This is when two key elements play a determining role: plaids such as cushions.

How to give a touch of warmth to our sofa

How to give a touch of warmth to our sofa: choosing the plaid

As with the sofa case, for tastes are the colors. In the end, only we are trained to determine what is the combination that is really great with the color of the case or the couch itself. It's about looking for something that is practical. The Plaid It will be both a decorative and practical element at the same time, since we can make use of it to cover ourselves when after a while on the couch let us begin to be frozen. We can also replace it with a foulard, or depending on the size of the sofa, make a combination of both.

How to give a touch of warmth to our sofa: selecting the cushions

As for cushions, here it is convenient to put comfort above all. Of course, trying not to give up harmonious colors that fit the rest of the whole. Regarding their shapes and sizes, everything will depend on our tastes but also on the use we are going to give it (do we usually watch television on our couch? Do we usually be sitting? Or do we lay down and even lie down frequently? ).

The important thing is not to recharge excessively (too many cushions can be as annoying as the fact of not having enough). A generous three -seater sofa could be accompanied by four standard size cushions.

Of course, all this also depends on whether we usually use the sofa alone or in company.

The sofa of our house is a vital point where we relax and disconnect from the daily routine. If we take care of our bed as if it were an almost sacred space, why are we not going to do the same with our sofa?

And you, what use do you usually give the house couch?

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