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How and how often wash bedding

Wash the linens It is essential to maintain hygiene in our room and avoid health problems. Although we do not see it with the naked eye, the sneezing, the cough, the sweat and other secretions that our body gives off are impregnated in our bedding through bacteria and microbes. Also other residues of our skin such as creams can help the proliferation of these microorganisms in our sheets.

We all like to get into a soft, well -made bed, that transmits comfort and desire to sleep but, above all, that it is clean. That is why we are important that we spend time cleaning our bed items. How? We'll tell you then:

Bed Sabanas: The Bajera sheet and the bedspread They are the most in contact with our skin. Especially in summer, when we sleep with few garments and leave the extremities in the air. Sweat and waste of our skin are more impregnated in them, so you should wash them once a week.

It is advisable to wash the sheets together with the pillow covers separately and at a high temperature, more than 60º, so that the germs disappear completely. It is not necessary to use any specific detergent. Just look if the clothes are white or dark to use the corresponding detergent.

You have to be special care with coral savannas When putting them in the washing machine since you have to choose a special program suitable for synthetic because the composition of this type of sheets is made with synthetic fibers that can be spoiled more easily.

Pillow covers: Whether you have 90 pillow case either Pillow case 105, of 135 or 150, the process we have to follow is the same. It is advisable to wash them with a periodicity greater than that of the sheets since the residues of the skin of the face such as the cream or the sweat of the neck affect the most of the Bed pillows.

Quilt either quilt: For these garments you don't have to hurry so much. Not being in direct contact with our skin remain better free of germs. It is advisable to wash them only 2 times a year at least. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that the comforter or quilt you use is washable in washing machine. Otherwise, you must take it to the dry cleaner.

Mattress and pillow protectors: As its name indicates, these articles protect the mattress and pillow and prevent them from spoiling easily. You can wash it at home with a habitual washing program every month or every two months depending on your status. Normally if you do not have yellowish fences it means that it is clean and can continue to be used for longer.

Have you seemed interesting? If you follow these tips you will get your bedding to remain in good condition and lengthen its useful life. In addition, it will help you sleep better and you will find more vitality the next day. Everything is advantages!

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