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How to measure your mattress correctly

Knowing well the correct measures of our mattress is fundamental when acquiring new linens, or if we want to update the mattress itself. Luckily it is something much simpler than it seems.

To measure the mattress precisely, the first thing we must do is remove the sheets, as well as any blanket, comfortable or pillow. We leave the mattress as is, without having anything on top. In the event that we are measuring the mattress to buy new Adjustable lower sheets And we have a Cabrecolchón either Topper, it would be best to leave it when measuring, to have that margin.

When measuring the mattress with a meter, we can start from one place to another (for example from left to right) in order to obtain the width. Sometimes, especially over time, mattresses can be folding a little and curving due to use and postures. It is important to measure and point the measures from the widest part to avoid being too fair or short.

Now it's time to measure the mattress length. For this we will measure from the back to the front. As we said, in case the mattress is curved we will always take as a reference the part that protrudes the most.

The next step is to measure the height. For this we will measure from the bottom to the upper. Once again, if our purpose is to buy new adjustable sheets or a comforter, in case of having a cover, we will measure with it included. In case we want to measure to buy countertops or blankets, we can measure removing the mattress cover.

Well, now that we finally have the measures of our mattress noted, we will calculate its size. The usual mattresses have six different sizes depending on their width and their length. It is important to know our mattress to choose the bedding perfectly.

  • "Twin" mattresses: 97 cm. wide by 190 cm. long
  • "Twin XL" mattresses: 97 cm. wide by 200 cm. long
  • "Queen" mattresses: 150 cm. wide by 200 cm. long
  • "Complete" mattresses: 130 cm. wide by 190 cm. long
  • "King" mattresses: 190 cm. wide by 200 cm. long
  • "California" mattresses: 180 cm. wide by 210 cm. long

If we still have to buy our mattress, there is a detail that some people overlook. It is important to calculate the size of the doors, corridors and stairs of our home, to know if we can locate it and adapt it properly. You always have to choose a mattress somewhat smaller than the smallest of the house doors, also taking into account whether there will be lamps or furniture that we cannot move or remove easily.

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