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How to wash bath towels

With the passage of time and uses, it is very likely that towels take a worn appearance and a rough touch that we dislike so much. But even if you didn't know, it is possible that your home clothes do not finish its days in this way. Next, we offer you some tricks to get more smooth and spongy towels.

The first doubt that many people have is: Do we have to wash the towels before brand new? And the answer is yes. In this case, it is recommended that the first wash be with hot water and without a softener. The purpose of this process is to end any residue derived from the manufacturing process. Ah! Never mix various colors towels in a first wash, since you can take a disgust.

Tricks for the towels to be soft and spongy

  • Vinegar and lemon: the perfect combination. Before putting the towels inside the washing machine, fill a Cuba of cold water and pour a jet of vinegar and lemon. Immerse the towels in the mixture and let it act approximately one hour. Once the process has been carried out, rinse with cold water to get rid of the remains. Don't forget to drain them well! Something that also works very well, is to throw vinegar in the washing machine.

This pre -flag will cause the towels not to be so rough after washing.

  • Beware of detergent. A small amount will be enough for the garments to be impolutes.
  • Avoid softener and bleach. If you use it, be in small quantities and when you have washed them three or four times. No bleach!
  • Do not overload the drum. Try cold washing and forget about filling the washing machine to the top; The towels need their space to be able to clean themselves properly. In addition, it avoids introducing other garments other than towels, especially those that have buttons or zippers, as they can break the fibers.
  • Try to use dryer: Put the casting inside the dryer next to a tennis ball (so you will stop the effect of rubbing between the towels) Trucazo!

If you don't have a dryer, nothing happens! Take them out well to remove excess water and throw them outdoors. Nothing to put on radiators! Avoid exposing them directly to the sun, since it would end their softness.

  • Avoid bad smell? Very easy!
    • Avoid putting them in the basket of dirty clothes if they are a bit humid.
    • Try not to stay a long time inside the washing machine after washing.
    • Do not iron the towels, since moisture can make bad odors later.

Bath towels, in addition to being an indispensable decorative element in the toilets, are essential in our day to day to perform hygienic routines. In Llartextile, we put at your disposal a wide variety of towels of different colors and styles, of incredible quality. Choose your towel game and follow our advice to be more durable!

Do you need advice? Check out our post: The best towels for your bathroom And choose the game that best suits your needs!

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