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How does bedding influence break?

Sleeping is one of the best pleasures of life but sometimes daily concerns, external noises or the quality of the garments with which you wear your bed they prevent you from reconciling the dream correctly.

We need 7 to 8 hours a day of rest to recover energy and revitalize body and mind, so it is important to follow a series of guidelines to make your dream really durable and repairing.

Quality and care of bedding

One of the main factors is to choose your linens. How many times has it cost you to sleep well because you have been cold or heat? To guarantee a quality dream, your room must have an adequate temperature and the linens You choose, you must also go in line with the season of the year.

In winter, you must opt ​​for materials that give you warmth such as a Nordic filling. In our Textile Llar store you will find the Nordic filling 4 stations, made with 100%hollow microfiber. It consists of 2 fillings: one has a thicker, 250 gr/m2 and the other finer of 100 gr/m2. The latter can use it during the least warm months as it provides you more fresh. The advantage of this product is that if you join both fillings (by means that you will feel great comfort at all times.

You can cover it with a Nordic percal case, a high quality material and considered premium range. They will give you softness and lightness, so that you do not feel uncomfortable while sleeping, but quite the opposite, you will be warm and relaxed at the same time.

In summer or in hotter hours we recommend using sheet games with a high percentage of cotton such as the Jersey sheet game because they favor breathability and reduce night sweats. Soft tissues of materials help avoid irritability in sensitive skin. If on the contrary, you prefer wrinkle -free sheets, in textile LLAR you can find different games With fresh and current designs that combine cotton with the polyester, a synthetic material that is characterized by being more resistant and repellent of spots.

These set games consists of 3 pieces: a Bajera sheet that will protect the mattress, a bedspread will serve to cover you and contribute greater warmth and a pillowcase.

Choosing a good pillow guarantees you a better rest

A study Performed by Asocama (the Spanish bed association) about health and rest states that 32% of Spaniards get up in the morning with muscle aches and feeling of tiredness. The study continuous %.

Therefore, it is very important to choose a proper mattress and pillow. A good pillow It will help you improve breathing, avoid snoring, and body pain. If you sleep with a small or medium -sized pillow, the cervical and dorsal vertebrae will form the same angle as when we are standing and thus we will get up free of any type of discomfort.

Have you ever heard the term elastic visco? It is a foam that is used a lot in the pillows and adapts to the shape of the head as a mold, facilitating blood circulation such as the LLAR VISCOLASTIC Pillow It includes a Jacquard cover with zip closure for conservation and easy washing.

If you prefer an average firmness - bass, the pillow that will serve you is that of microfiber, a very hygienic and breathable hollow fiber that avoids the accumulation of bad odors.

Other recommendations for your rest

Other factors to take into account to have a perfect break is to always air the sheets, the Nordic case and the pillow cover before making the bed to keep them in good condition.

It is also good to wash them frequently using adequate products for the type of fabric. In this way, you will eliminate all the impurities they may have and keep them better for longer.

If we choose the bedding well, our daily rest will improve and all this will have a positive impact on our humor and our happiness.

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